Kylie and Scott

How We Met

For millennials, Scott & I met in a completely organic way – through mutual friends – but the rest of our story is nothing short of what I’d call a fairy tale (I might be biased).

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As we tried to find our way through our first few months of post-grad life and get acquainted with Seattle – a place that was not yet truly ‘home’ to either of us – we found ourselves spending day after day laughing, exploring, dancing & screaming the lyrics to far too many Blink 182 throwbacks to count. We spent 21 days straight together between November and December of 2015 – the last two being work holiday galas where we watched an embarrassing number of YouTube videos to learn how to tie his bow ties, closed down the dance floors & took far too many photo booth film strips. Those two parties truly began to define our relationship, which we call “population 2”, because those are the moments that no matter how many people were around, all we seemed to notice was each other.

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how they asked

Fast forward one year to December 2016. We’d tied his bow tie (with a few less YouTube tutorials this time), gotten dressed in our formal attire & prepared to go to what I thought was round two of our holiday gala tradition. As we approached the top of the staircase to the EMP Museum in Seattle Center, Scott suggested that we take a photo before going inside. As we posed for the photo Scott leaned in to me and said, “Sweetheart, there’s actually no holiday party tonight – but there’s something I’d really like to ask you.” All of the sudden he was on one knee, muttering the most poetic heartfelt words about spending the rest of our lives together. Having lost all ability to speak, all I could do was smile and frantically shake my head up and down in excitement.

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My tears of joy streamed to match the falling drizzle of the Seattle rain that we’d both learned to love. In that moment, the essence of us was captured – it was truly “population 2” and no one else mattered. Once reality set back in, he whisked me away to have dinner at the top of the Space Needle, which rotates to give you a 360 degree view of the city – the perfect reminder of all of our adventures and the place that, together, we learned to call home.

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