Kylie and Safi

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How We Met

Safi and I met at a social between his fraternity house and my sorority house on September 13, 2007. It was a Hawaii-themed social and the first time I’d ever stepped foot into his house. We met that night and became instant friends, and after about six months of being together as friends, he asked me to be his girlfriend. We have been together ever since! Our relationship is very special because we come from different backgrounds, our families speak different languages and practice different religions, but one thing is a complete constant between the two of us – our love for each other. We are best friends, and I have never been more in love with him than I am today. I cannot wait to marry this man!

how they asked

Our 8-year dating anniversary fell on a Wednesday this year, and just so happened to be the night of my company’s holiday party and a night he was out of town. We knew this was coming, so we decided that we’d celebrate our anniversary the following weekend on a trip to Napa to do some wine tasting.

We left pretty early for wine country, around 9:30am, we were ready to go (I was ready to go!), and I was skeptical if an engagement might be coming – as he’d convinced me that I’d have to be a little bit more patient as all the plan for our future worked themselves out.

A few months prior we’d stopped at the Marin Headlands overlook following a day trip to Sonoma with our friends, and it was such a beautiful, serene spot, I loved it and was so glad we actually decided to take the time to look at the bridge from a different vantage point and try to identify our apartment in the Marina District.

That Saturday morning of December 12th as we were on our way to Napa, Safi said he thought we should stop at the overlook again to just relax and admire the view before we started our busy day of wine tasting (also, he doesn’t drink, and I’m from a German/Russian family that does – a lot, so he was the DD for the day!). As soon as he pulled off for the overlook exit, I KNEW my proposal was coming and I was the MOST NERVOUS I have ever been in my life. I nearly leaped out of the car as soon as we got there because I didn’t want him to know how nervous I was. Safi also brought my professional camera because I have a fashion and lifestyle blog and he was planning to take some photos for me for my blog at the wineries. He wanted to leave the camera in the car at the overlook, and I got super nervous about it because I didn’t want anyone to steal it! Once he got out of the car I turned back to say, “Let’s grab the camera actually” and he grabbed me and was like “it’s fine!” Little did I know, that his best friend had parked before us and was sneaking to the car to snag the camera to photograph the proposal that was coming my way!

I was so nervous and literally could not stand still, and after a few minutes with no proposal I asked if he was ready to head to wine country and get the weekend started. As soon as I asked, he paused, look at me, and got down on one knee and asked me to marry him with the most perfect ring that matched a photograph I’d sent my mom over a year ago (I’d never shown Safi that exact photo).

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I of course said yes, and we both were so emotional and overwhelmed in the moment and our future to come. Safi then ‘lied’ about forgetting his wallet and not being able to head to Napa until he went back to the apartment, so we drove back and my family and friends greeted us with cards of celebration, champagne and pastries before a beautiful brunch in Napa followed by private wine tastings at a few of our favorite spots, all planned by Safi himself. He had no help in choosing the ring or planning our day, and it was the most special day of my entire life.

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Special Thanks

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 | Photographer