Kylie and Rodney

How We Met

Rodney and I met over 6 years ago working together at a sporting goods store. We had a solid friendship for a year and then both decided to take things to the next step.

Image 1 of Kylie and Rodney

how they asked

I had absolutely NO signs or hints that he was up to something that would change the rest of my life completely. We were going on a hike, a new trail we hadn’t done before. His mom went with us. She always went with us on hikes so it wasn’t odd that she was joining us. I took my time up the mountain taking scenic pictures along the way. Little did I know what was in store for me at the top of the mountain. When we got the the top we looked for a spot to take pictures. We started taking pictures, so I thought, when Rodney takes one step away from me and gets down on one knee. And that where my whole world stood still.

Image 2 of Kylie and Rodney

Image 3 of Kylie and Rodney

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