Kylie and Robbie

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How We Met

We met online! I signed up for a year subscription because it was cheeper and wanted to “take my time”. I got matched with him the day I signed up. He was on there a little longer but still. We talked for about week online as I was out of town for a conference and we first officially met at a local coffee shop the day after I got back. After texting and e-mailing all week we both were hesitant that we’d have much to talk about. Three hours flew by, and we knew from that moment dang, this must be special.

how they asked

Robbie and I enjoy hiking. No we aren’t as dedicated as we’d like, but we definitely enjoy it. When Robbie suggested we take a day trip hiking to “get out of the heat” I thought nothing of it. We live in the Arizona valley so it’s always fun to escape the heat. We traveled up north to Sedona with our friends Kyle and Therese who we often hike with. Again didn’t think anything of it. We were expecting quite cooler weather and Robbie suggested I wear pants and bring a light coat. So naturally I wear the craziest pants I have out of sheer comfort and to spite Robbie because he dislikes them. He kept hinting that maybe I should wear black yoga pants or something cute. Nope, that only encourage me more to wear my blue pants. We drive up north and both boys have their cameras for this “view” thats at the top. Both of them often bring that gear, so again totally oblivious. We hike, and hike and it’s getting steep very quickly. As I’m not the most in shape, i notice it’s getting steeper and I’m starting to get tired of pull myself up some of these rocks. Lets just say it wasn’t as moderate as the website said. My asthma starts to kick in, and I forgot my inhaler. We all keep hiking and i’m trying to slow down, but I was falling behind. I keep trying to keep up and finally we were getting towards the top and heading up yet another hill, I start having a wheezing asthma attack. I stop and am fighting back tears, and this older hippy walks by me and sees me struggling. He starts giving me a lecture about how I need to hike at my pace, and that I should really be leading the group… While I’m having my asthma attack and can’t help but stare because I can’t speak because I’m wheezing so hard. Robbie had stopped and come back for me at this time and he got a short lecture from the hippy as well before the older man decided he should keep on his way. After my asthma attack, I decided i was done and the view was good enough from here. Robbie insisted that the view was better just a little ways ahead…. Yet he had already said that three times. Even though I was admit on staying there while the others continued, I got roped into going just a little bit further. We get to the best view and eat our lunch. Our friend Kyle starts to take pictures of his girlfriend with the beautiful view in the background. After finishing lunch Robbie says, we should get a picture. (He hates pictures.) Flag number one. Then he says go stand over there by the cliff. Flag number two. After waiting a few minutes of him fiddling with his backpack, he heads over to the edge and starts side hugging me. (he’s generally not a PDA person) At this point kyle is behind us taking pictures. I realize, oh this is happening, it’s really happening. So Robbie was saying some nice things to me. He was getting super nervous and then was like “ok lets go now”. I was thinking “whelp, i couldn’t have been more wrong.” Then he turns back to me and say, “wait first, I have one question for you, will you marry me?” He knelt down and opened the box that held, the most special ring that he picked out. I of course said YES! with tears streaming down my face. Now he got up and I immediately hugged him. I specifically didn’t want to put the ring on. I didn’t want to ruin the moment. (When I hike, my fingers swell and I was afraid it wasn’t going to fit!) However, his biggest fear was dropping the ring down the canyon. He hugged me and whispered in my ear. “Can you please put this ring on, so I don’t drop it?! ” He put the ring on and it fit perfect. (crisis averted.) We hiked back down the mountain and headed home to clean up for dinner at my parents house. Little did I know him and my sweet mom and planned a wonderful intimate surprise party with close friends and family.

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. My heart was so blessed that day by their hard work and thoughtfulness.