Kylie and Nick

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How We Met

Nick and I first met at our high school bus stop; it was my freshman year and his sophomore year. It was my first time riding the bus, and while I was waiting for the bus, I noticed this cute boy waiting as well. I approached him and introduced myself. Unfortunately, we did not attend the same high school; his high school was a private school and used our town’s public school busses to pick up students. All the buses would pick up the students, and drop them off at my high school. A bus would be waiting to pick up the students and bring them to the private high school. At the time, I was already in a relationship with someone else, but I secretly had a crush on Nick.

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Nick and I quickly became friends and would talk on the bus rides. He didn’t have a cellphone, so I downloaded different texting apps that he could download too, and we could talk outside of the bus rides. However, he was stubborn and wouldn’t download the apps, even though I gave him all the information (I drew what the apps looked like, and my usernames). Fast forward to a couple of months of our meeting, Nick asked for advice on how to ask out another girl at his high school. I was devastated, but at the same time happy for him. I gave him advice, and told him to go for it! He ended up asking her out, and they dated for a couple of months. My relationship wasn’t going well, and I ended up breaking up with my boyfriend at that time. However, I knew Nick was happily in a relationship, so I knew nothing was going to happen…

At the beginning of 2013, I found out that Nick was no longer with his girlfriend at that time. I said my condolences, even though I was secretly thrilled! Nick and I began flirting and talking as the school year went on. In February of 2013, Nick asked me what my favorite candy was, which was skittles at the time. He also asked my friend on the bus, what her favorite candy was because he didn’t want to make his crush obvious to me. Fast forward to Valentine’s Day and Nick hands me a bag of skittles with a cute little stuffed animal attached. My friend received a box of chocolate and noticed she didn’t receive a stuffed animal. Later that day, my friend and I speculated what this gesture meant. My friend was sure Nick had a crush on me, but I didn’t want to get my hopes up and brushed it aside. A month later, Nick made me a birthday card. He said he was bored in art class, and wanted to make me something for my birthday. After talking on the bus for years, Nick finally decided to download one of the apps I gave him, and we began talking outside of the bus rides. We would stay up late at night talking and laughing with each other. Then, on April 22nd, Nick told me he had something to ask me, but he was nervous. I asked him what it was, but he didn’t want to tell me over the phone, so I had to wait the next morning. I had a feeling what it was, but didn’t want to get my hopes up! Could this be what I always wanted him to ask me?! I was excited and happy! I remember texting my best friend and asking her what she thought he might ask me (even though I knew deep down). On April 23rd, 2013, Nick arrived at the bus stop cute and nervous. We talked (both beating around the bush about the question he wanted to ask). We got on the bus, and I couldn’t take the anticipation anymore! I turn to Nick and say, “what did you want to ask me?” He then recited a cute poem that he wrote for me, and asked me on a date and to be his girlfriend! I said, yes! We were both so happy that morning! I couldn’t focus on school!

Throughout the years, Nick and I grew closer and stronger. We both love to travel and have been to 4 different states so far. I love traveling and seeing the world with my best friend. I love seeing the beautiful sites, and experiencing the thrilling adventures we go on! Nick and I ended up attending the same college, even though this wasn’t planned. Nick and I both knew we always wanted to marry each other. All our friends would say, “when are you two getting married?!”

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How They Asked

At the beginning of this year, Nick kept teasing me about how I would have something new to show off soon. The anticipation and the teases were killing me! I wanted him to ask me already! My grandfather, who was like a father to me, ended up passing away in March of this year. I always wanted him to be a part of my wedding since none of his kids are married.

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I wanted him to be able to experience a wedding, dance together, and walk me down the aisle. Nick knew this and knew I wanted his blessing. Unaware to me, Nick took the day off of work and took my mom and grandfather out for lunch. He told me he was so nervous and kept beating around the bush. They finally looked at him and said, “spit it out already!” To which, they all laughed, and Nick asked for their blessing. While my grandfather was in the hospital, Nick and my family snuck the ring in, so he could see it.

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With everything going on with quarantine, Nick and my trip was canceled. We planned an anniversary trip to celebrate 7 years together. However, we had to cancel. I still wanted to do something special and felt bad that we had to cancel, so I planned a spontaneous photoshoot and a romantic dinner. I forced my little sister to take pictures of Nick and me in my backyard. While taking these photos, Nick said, “why don’t we go to the Wayside.” This place is special to us because we had our first date here, and we always walk around. I always wanted Nick to ask me at the Wayside and wished he would when the day came.

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I was tired and happy with our photos, so I said no to going to the Wayside. However, Nick and my sister would not back down and kept asking me to go. I finally said yes, and off we went. No one was at the Wayside, which was perfect. As we approached the water, Nick said, “this is where I first taught you how to skip rocks,” Thus, we started skipping rocks. I had no idea what was going on and thought Nick wanted to skip rocks for fun, so I kept whipping the rocks across the water, and Nick was trying to keep up by finding me rocks to skip. Finally, on the last rock, Nick said, “take your time!” As I skipped the last rock, Nick said, “I found you another perfect rock;” I turned around, and saw Nick down on his knee holding a beautiful ring. I said yes!

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We both couldn’t be happier! I love that Nick asked me to marry him at our favorite spot; my grandfather was able to still be a part of this special moment, and I love that Nick asked me on our 7th anniversary!

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