Kylie and Michael

Image 1 of Kylie and Michael

How We Met

We met in my hometown of Nantucket, where Mike is, a captain for a mariners club, 6 months out of the year. We were in the same friend group and stayed friends through the summer. After Mike returned to Florida for the winter, we talked a lot. In November, my life underwent a huge change and we decided to meet up again in a mutual city to see if we were more than friends. We both flew into Boston the week before Christmas to spend 3 days together. On our way to our first date, we took a picture of a family, who offered to take a picture of us as well, slightly awkward as we weren’t dating in front of the big Fanuiel Hall Christmas Tree. Mike’s response was “This will make for a great story to tell our family’s someday” and he couldn’t have been more right.

How They Asked

Mike had been prompting me to go for a walk all week, as our final summer on Nantucket was coming to an end. I refused and did not want to go on the ‘Sconset bluff walk, but our roommates kept telling me how much fun we’d have (everyone knew, but me). We enjoyed the walk talked about our future plans for when we got back to Florida. On our way to the off the walk, we stopped down stairs to the beach, where I asked Mike to talk a photo of us, because we don’t do it often enough. As we walked across the beach, he started thanking me for moving to Florida with him in January and then leaving to come be with him on Nantucket for the summer. We then walked up the stairs to the bridge in ‘Sconset, which my Great Grandfather built and right near where my Nana grew up. He asked me to spend the rest of our lives together, among a few other things that I blacked out on our of pure shock. Then my best friend came out of the bushes after capturing the moment. They both hid clothes for us to change into and champagne to celebrate and take official engagement pictures. It is a day I’ll never forget and will make for a “great story to tell our family someday”.