Kylie and Merrick

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How We Met

Merrick and I had met on a dating website (Tinder). We had talked for a couple days and he had asked to go on a date and I said that sounds like a wonderful idea. January 10th we met at a local barbeque joint in downtown Elkhorn. We were both really nervous and not much was said. (Can you believe Merrick was quiet?)

After dinner I was ready to go home but Merrick had asked if I wanted to go to his place to watch a movie. I figured I’d better give hime a chance, thankfully I did! He oped up a lot more at his place and well, from that point, we’ve never really been apart!

This was our second date. We had lots of laughs watching each other fall while ice skating!

How They Asked

I wake up at five am to Merrick asking if I wanted to drive an hour away to go take pictures with some waterfalls. I said sure why not! He said ok go get ready and wear something nice. Take your time because we have to stop at Walmart beforehand to get a camera stand and they dont open till six. I get into to the shower, get dressed, do my hair and makeup. We head over to Walmart grab the stand and off we go! We jammed out to some music while looking at the beautiful scenery of the New York country side. I almost forgot to mention trying not to gag on the smell of all the dairy and beef farms!

We had arrived and began to set up the stand and brainstorm for the best camera angles and poses. We couldnt get the camera to focas right with the waterfall in the backround and the sun shining in our faces. We tried many spots and angles but we werent having any luck. Finally we just said screw it and lets just take a video and we will screenshot the pictures. I was turned around admiring the waterfall while Merrick was messing with the camera. I turned around and there he was, one one knee! I DO!

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Special Thanks

 | Photographer
 | supplied camera stand