Kylie and Lane

Wedding Proposal Ideas in White Rock Pier, BC

How We Met

We meet on an online dating site. :) Lane claims that he had attempted to get in contact with me for a year or so, but it wasn’t until july/August of 2016 that we actually began talking. His opening line to me was in response to my tag line of “sitting my the fishing hole, waiting to catch something”, and he responded with “whatcha using for bate?”. It was super cheeky, and immediately sparked a flirty conversation between us.

Our first official date was that September, where he took me for dinner at the Boathouse in White Rock. He was so sweet and funny, and even sang my favorite Disney song to me. There was sparks and butterflies from the moment we saw each other.

how they asked

He asked me to marry him on July 4th, 2018, in the most unexpected way. His parents were staying with us on a visit from their hometown in Maple Creek, Saskatchewan. Lane had told us that he had a surprise for us that evening, and not to make any plans. When I got home from work that evening all that he would tell us was that he had made dinner reservations for 6:30.

His mom and I made guesses at where we were going for dinner, but didn’t find out until we pulled into a parking spot down at White Rock pier.

Lane suggested that we go for a walk down on the pier to take a family picture, as we were a bit early for our reservation. So the four of us walked out to the end of the pier, and proceeded to take a couple of pictures. As Lane and I were taking a solo picture together he turns to me and starts to ask me to marry him. Mid speech, his phone starts to play music, which his dad is also trying to record the proposal on. He had to stop mid speech to quickly fix his phone, and then proceeded to get down on one knee and pull out the most beautiful ring, and asked me to be his wife.

It was the most special moment, and both he and his mom cried tears of joy.

We then proceed to walk back to go for dinner at the Boathouse, and sat at the same table where we had our first date. We shared a bottle of champagne and had a beautiful dinner together with his parents.