Kylie and Jonny

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How We Met

Three years ago, my neighbor, Sherry Lockhart, told me, “I found your future husband!” I thought it was a little far-fetched, but was still excited to meet this guy. Looking back, I can definitely say Jonny and I owe her big-time.

I added Jonny as a friend on Facebook, and Jonny made the next move by messaging me a cheesy pick-up line. We chatted back and forth for a couple days and planned to have lunch together at Passport Cafe on University of Richmond’s campus. Jonny invited me to go bowling with his friends the next day, and we continued to spend time together for the next month until I moved away for the summer.

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Just before I left to spend three months in the Philippines with my family, we made our relationship official. For the next three months, Jonny and I communicated over FaceTime from opposite sides of the world. We learned a lot abot each other and grew closer even though we were physically so far apart. Even though it was tough to do such long distance so early in our relationship, it definitely reassured me that he was the one. Since then, we’ve dated long distance between Charlotte, NC and Richmond, VA with so many fun memories. We’re so excited to finally get married and kiss long distance dating goodbye! Looks like Sherry did find my “future husband” after all.

Kylie and Jonny's Engagement in University of Richmond

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how they asked

My two best friends asked my sister, Maddie, and me to get our nails done with them on a Saturday afternoon. As we were leaving the salon, my sister surprised me with a handwritten note from Jonny. The note gave me clues to go to where we first met, and Maddie and I rode together to Passport Cafe on University of Richmond’s campus.

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When we arrived, Sherry Lockhart, the friend who introduced Jonny and me, was there waiting with my next clue, which directed me to where we first said “I love you.” Maddie drove me to the Modlin Center where I found three of my best friends from college who had flown into Richmond to surprise me.

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They squeezed me with hugs and tear-filled eyes as they handed me my next clue. I then went to the gazebo where we kissed last Valentine’s Day. The legend at UR is that you are destined to marry the person you kiss in the gazebo, so it obviously worked on us! My family was waiting there to give me my last clue that led me to the Greek Theater where Jonny waited for me.

We now have an incredible memory at a different, beautiful spot on campus. After running to meet Jonny there, he and I held hands as he told me how long he had waited for that moment with me. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him, and the answer was a big fat “YES.”

As if that wasn’t enough, Jonny even planned a surprise party with our best friends and family after!

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