Kylie and Jared

Marriage Proposal Ideas in On the balcony of my fiance's apartment overlooking the city

How We Met

Jared & I had been dating for 8 years. You would think he’d put a ring on it already. We met my Junior year of college at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana where we had a group of mutual friends we were always hanging out with. We had never met, until one night at an apartment party, this tall, handsome, guy comes walking into the room. My first thought, “Who in the heck is that?” It was Jared. We made small talk and the night went on. Hours later, I hear a whisper in my ear “You are the most beautiful girl I’ve ever met.” I’m thinking “Good one buddy. You just met me, real smooth.” Sure enough days turned to weeks, and weeks turned to months. We were together everyday. It wasn’t until I went to his hometown a few short weeks later and met his family that I learned those words he whispered the night we met, were genuine and heartfelt. His family welcomed me in and went on about the phone call they received back in February where Jared had met the “most beautiful girl in the world”. The rest is history.

Kylie's Proposal in On the balcony of my fiance's apartment overlooking the city

how they asked

It was a freezing, cold Thursday in February, in between my birthday and Valentine’s Day. February 11th to be exact. I never expected a proposal during this time of year. How cliche would it be to get engaged on either of those celebratory dates? Jared had “went to a bulls game” the night before where he “won” a gift certificate to an Italian restaurant in Chicago. He begged for me to go with him because there was an expiration date on the gift card. I arrived at his apartment where we had 10 minutes to spare. We proceeded out the back door where he has a balcony overlooking the city (there are stairs that take you from the balcony down to the parking lot, so I thought nothing of it).

Wedding Proposal Ideas in On the balcony of my fiance's apartment overlooking the city

He opened the door and stepped out first where I was greeted with a million white candles, a bottle of champagne and 17 red roses. He gave me an adorable, heartfelt speal and got down on one knee! I was blown away. Of course I said yes! The greatest part was his roommate was in the stairwell video taping the entire thing. I thought to myself, “So are we going to dinner?” We were going to dinner, but there was no bulls game, there was no gift card.

The night before when he “went to the bulls game” and “won” a gift card, was a night where he drove 2 hours to my hometown in Indiana to ask my parents for permission to marry me. It was precious