Kylie and James

How We Met

The first time I saw James he was elbowing his way through the crowded student section at my first UCLA football game just to come introduce himself to me. Apparently, I had caught his eye from across the stadium – but most likely I had just rolled my eyes at that line that night. Over the next year, we spent more time together – laughing on bus rides back from my sorority functions, staying up too late watching movies with his friends, taking the dining halls for all they were worth until they kicked us out. When I left for my first summer of college, we were just friends.

We both spent our summers away – him in Kentucky with the Army and me in Los Angeles at a legal firm, but I didn’t realize how much I’d missed him until the first night we saw each other again. It was a friend’s birthday, but he and I spent the whole night laughing and singing country music as if we were the ones celebrating. It didn’t take long for him to show interest after that – bringing over late-night ice cream to my sorority house while I was in PJs, sneaking away from football games together in the first half. Before I knew it, I was falling for someone I’d never expected to come into my life the way he did, and I’d never been happier.

how they asked

A few weeks before the proposal, my best friend had asked if I could help run a charity auction at the golf tournament in my hometown in of Palos Verdes, California. She said we would be paid to pour champagne and mingle with guests, and I was more than happy to help! On the day off, she picked me up at school and started driving us to what I thought was the golf tournament. As we started to get closer, I noticed that we were approaching these beautiful cliffs overlooking the ocean and I began to think that we must be lost. Before I could say anything, I saw him out my window. He opened the door, holding an umbrella to shield me from the light rain coming down, and my heart skipped a beat. What the heck was James doing here? My boyfriend is training with the Army in Fort Benning, Georgia – he’s supposed to be 2,000 miles away right now!

I was shocked and practically speechless as he kissed me, took my hand and led me to a gazebo overlooking the ocean. There, amidst the most adorable setup of lanterns and flowers and while I was still trying to catch my breath, he got down on his knee and asked me to spend my life with him. I was a flood of emotions and immediately said yes! I’ve never felt so happy in my life!

Kylie and James's Engagement in Roessler Point, Palos Verdes

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