Kylie and James

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How We Met

A few short days after Christmas of 2015, I decided to scroll through a dating app. After I “matched” with this guy, he sent me a message and we started chatting. Let me remind you that this app associates with mutual friends via Facebook so it wasn’t too random of a person. I realized he was friends with my BEST FRIEND. I immediately sent her a message and had her tell me everything about this guy. She told me he is the sweetest guy and we should go out. So we took a chance after talking a few days and went to see a movie. After that, it was history!!

how they asked

It was my 22nd birthday and my mom and I were driving down to Kansas for my boyfriend at the time, graduation from fire academy. As we were sitting through the ceremony, both of our phones light up and my sister had delivered a beautiful baby girl. This day was already going great. Soon after the ceremony, my mom and I plus his family headed back to his apartment for a little graduation celebration. We gave him some graduation gifts and he handed me a few birthday gifts. As we were about to leave, he goes well I have one more gift for you. Immediately, I started crying as he got off the chair and transitioned to get on one knee. I’m pretty sure I didn’t even say yes until way later. This was seriously the best day ever and soon after the celebration, my mom and I headed back to Nebraska to meet our new member of the family. We get married in July and our niece is going to be the flower girl!!!

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