Kylie and Benjamin

Kylie's Proposal in By a small lake near our home

How We Met

Ben and I were both students and UCSB and had a few mutual friends. Though we had never been formally introduced, we both had an understanding of who the other person was. One summer, I ran into Ben every time I would go to Taco Bell near the university. My friend and I would always joke that he and I were destined to be together. Ben and I were eventually introduced one weekend at a birthday party and he’s had me crunch-wrapped around his finger ever since. “I Love You” has 8 letters and so does “Taco Bell” – coincidence? I think not.

how they asked

Our puppy, Reese, is our whole world. We absolutely adore everything about her. Since the day we brought her home, Ben and I talked about getting some portraits taken with Reese. We constantly put it off and as Reese approached a year old and we were moving from California to Texas in a few weeks, we finally decided to schedule time for the photos. A friend of ours did the photography and followed us around the lake near our home taking pictures of our lovely afternoon with Reese. Ben sneakily had the ring hidden in his sock the entire time and when he asked me to hold Reese’s leash for a minute so he could fix his shoe, I thought nothing of it.

I had even turned around to face the other direction, far more interested in what Reese was doing than him. When he said my name aloud I could tell something was happening. I turned around to find the man of my dreams on one knee ready to ask me to be his wife. Reese sat happily staring at her two parents thrilled to help her dad with the big moment.

Kylie and Benjamin's Engagement in By a small lake near our home

Special Thanks

Lauren Bowlin-Darr