Kylie and Ben

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Kylie and I had been asked by a local store (White Lace Bridal) to be involved in a styled photo shoot for advertisement purposes. We live in Bismarck, ND but the shoot took place at Hebron Brick in Hebron, ND. Kylie was so excited because we were asked through her friend Ethan (EthanDeGree Photography) to be involved with it because he thought we would be perfect for it. Kylie obviously thought this was just going to be a photo shoot but I had much more planned. I contacted Ethan and Anne as soon as I found out about the photo shoot because I knew this would be the perfect opportunity to propose being that she would look so incredibly beautiful since she would be in a wedding dress already.

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We had been supplied rings by our local jewelry store as well so Ethan decided that he would ask for the rings to take pictures of just them to get her ring off of her finger. Ethan also decided that the cue would be for him to ask us three things that we love about each other when we were at the end of our shoot. As soon as he asked, I immediately dropped to one knee and asked Kylie to be my wife. I will remember her reaction for the rest of my life. I’m so thankful that we had Ethan to capture our special moment.

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Special Thanks

Ethan DeGree Photography
 | Photographer
Anne Cleary
 | Planning
Liz Tomek
 | Planning