Kylie and Andrew


I had know of Andrew 3 years prior to him and I actually dating. He had wandered into the bar I was tending at and knew a couple of my regulars. I made a comment to his buddy after Andrew left about how attractive he was, and word got back to him. He became a Sunday regular after that, and 3 years later another mutual friend helped us get together after I accidentally stood him up on our “first date” (I thought he was kidding). 2 days later we went on our first date, and since then, we haven’t spent more than a week apart! In October we went vacationing to a wine festival in Berlin, MD with Andrew’s best friend and his wife. He told me he was going to get coffee and go for a walk while I was getting ready, and when I came down to meet him on the porch of the Atlantic Hotel (The movie Runaway Bride was filmed here!), he was waiting in a rocking chair for me. When I sat down next to him, he asked me if I was ready for today, and I said yes. Next thing I know, he’s telling me “good, because I’ve got something important to ask you before we get our day started” and got down on one knee!