Kylene and Chadd

How We Met: Chadd and I both attended Millersville University for our undergraduate studies. We briefly met Freshman year, but our paths didn’t cross again until we were both Juniors. We were both taking World Oceans in a large lecture hall. After our first test, I realized that Chadd had performed much better than I had, so we began Facebook messaging study tips. Eventually, we arranged a time to study together. By the end of World Oceans, we were inseparable, and I ended up with a higher grade. I definitely picked a good study partner.

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Four years later, and we are happier than ever! We live together in Phoenix ville, Pennsylvania and are looking forward to spending the rest of our lives together making more memories!

how they asked: I should start by explaining that I am the most difficult person to surprise. Ever since I was little, I would find the Christmas presents hid around the house, I would ask Chadd prying questions to figure out surprise plans or presents, and I soiled any plans of anyone planning a surprise party for me. With that being said, Chadd pulled off the ultimate surprise that blew me away. I still don’t know how he managed to pull it off!

It was a Saturday morning and my best friend, Gillian, and I scheduled to have our hair done together. My hair dresser is a friend from college, Kristin Leddy, who works at a local salon. After hearing all of the behind the scenes details, I know that Gillian is incredibly relieved that it was a friend cutting our hair. I’m so happy Gillian had someone to confide in during the day, especially after the topic of engagement came up at the salon and I explained how I wanted to be completing alone when he proposed, and I didn’t want ANYONE there. Poor Gillian!

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After we had our girl time at the salon, we went to Painting With A Twist, while Chadd and Gillian’s husband, Vince, went to see Mad Max. Chadd sent me a few texts throughout the day, but I was being very distracted by Gillian. After we did Painting With A Twist, we headed home. Gillian prompted me on the way home to text the boys and arrange a dinner on Bridge Street, our favorite place to hang out.

Gillian’s husband, Vince, answered the group text and said that he was able to snag us a table at my favorite place, Bistro on Bridge. The only catch, we had to be there in 45 minutes. Gillian quickly dropped me off at home, and I started to get ready. I was texting her my outfit choices, and she was vetoing most of them (which I am now very thankful for).

After I finally picked an acceptable outfit, we were ready to go. Gillian, on the other hand, was taking forever! Which I now know, was her stalling. Finally, Vince and Gillian picked us up and we headed towards Bridge Street, about 5 minutes from our houses.

We pulled up to Bridge Street and Vince picked the farthest parking spot on the entire street, which I made sure to let everyone know. We all got out of the car and began walking down the street towards Bistro. I was not paying any attention to Chadd, and at one point switched spots and started walking with Gillian. I am not sure how they managed it, but about 10 steps before arriving at the Colonial Theatre, everyone switched spots and positioned me next to Chadd.

Chadd looked to his left, and asked me a very odd question…. “Hey Kylene, do you know what today’s date is?” I laughed out loud and responded by saying, “Of course I don’t, I never know the date.” As he shifted to look across the street again, I saw the Colonial Theatre marquee that said, “Will you marry me, Lene?” Nothing registered in my head at this point.

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I remember thinking to myself, “Aw, that’s so sweet!” I didn’t realize that was my name until I turned back towards him and saw him down on one knee!

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I remember hearing, “Well, now you’ll know this date forever…” But the rest is all a blur. After watching the video several times, I can hear me asking, “What’s happening?” and Chadd responding by saying, “This is for real.” My favorite part. I am so thankful for the pictures and videos taken by JoJo (my sister), Gillian, and Vince.

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After Chadd’s amazing proposal, he waved across the street to my brother and sister. We took a few incredible shots underneath the Colonial Theatre Marquee and headed to our next spot. I was quickly told that we do not have reservations at Bistro on Bridge, and instead we were going to The Great American Pub.

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The Great American Pub has turned in to a special place for us, Chadd’s Surprise 25th Birthday Party was held there, and now my first ever Surprise Party!! We arrived at the party a bit early, but were greeted by both of our parents, college roommates, my Godparents, and aunt and uncle. It was so special.

Behind the Scenes Details: The ring was kept in a safe at Gillian and Vince’s house and was placed in the door on the passenger side for Chadd to grab as he got inside the car. My brother and sister arrived at Gillian and Vince’s shortly before we arrived home from Painting with a Twist.

They were given instructions and then told to head to Bridge Street for pictures. My parents made tons of decorations, including the awesome heart signs made by my dad. They were also in on the surprise for nearly a month! My mom totally threw me off when she asked me about us getting engaged a few weeks earlier.

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