Kyleigh and Blake

how we met

Blake and I met on Tinder. The funny part about actually meeting online, was that I almost swiped left on him because he had two pictures and no biography. I had a friend tell me a few days before we matched that “it’s the ones you least expect”. So I gave it a shot and we’ve been inseparable since our first date. (Although, he did wait a couple weeks to ask me out because he said “all good things come with time”. For our first date we went to dinner and go-karting. Neither of us wanted the date to end so we extended it to laser tag.

how they asked

It’s always been a dream bucket list of mine to take a long road trip from Southern California up the pacific coast highway to Seattle and back. I’ve always wanted to visit Oregon and Northern California. So for my 26th birthday, we made a plan to make it happen. Now everyone kept asking me if I thought I was going to get engaged, but Blake was gone for almost a month and a half intermittently before our trip so I had tossed the idea out of my mind. There was no way he had time to buy a ring nor make a plan. Before our trip, we had discussed hiring a photographer in Portland to take some photos for us for the holidays and so we could have prints to put up in our new house. We have never gotten profession photos done, so I was excited! I really wanted this special keepsake for my birthday. I searched on Instagram and looked at websites and stumbled upon Kelsey, who also was recommended as one of the top photographers in Portland. During our trip, Kelsey, was stuck in a snowstorm in Tahoe and had said she might not make it back for our shoot but would keep us posted. I thought, “we that blows. but oh well”. However, looking back Blake had kept asking if she wrote back and if she was going to make it. His plan was to propose at our photoshoot but then had the ring in his pocket for 3 days prior because he was going to have to wing it if it didn’t work out. (I’m still in shock that I had NO idea the whole time). Fast forward, its now December 1st, we get to Wahkeena Falls in Portland and meet Kelsey for our shoot. It had just randomly snowed that morning, and we weren’t expecting it. We decided to continue the icy trek up to the falls. When we get to the top, Kelsey asked us to go behind the bridge so the waterfall is in the background. We stood there, in 34 degree weather on ice and snow trying not to fall to get a couple quick shots and then she said we could come down. I turn around to start heading down, trying not to eat it, and hear Blake yelling “Wait hold on. Kyleigh! Hey can we get one more”. I got all flustered because I was really trying not to break my ankle in the ice in my booties. He yells my name one more time and this time I turn around and see him start to pull the ring box out of his pocket. I start laughing and am yelling “Oh my god, is this happening?”. He then gets down on one knee but as he is trying to go down he almost slips on the ice and almost goes into the waterfall behind him. Now that would have been a funny ending!

Special Thanks