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I grew up and went to college in Southern California, but decided to move to Seattle after graduating to be closer to my extended relatives, including my grandmother who at the time was 91 years old. Only a short 4 months into living there, I decided to spend the evening with a friend I had recently made since he had some old college buddies coming to visit from Southern California. I walked into the apartment, and was immediately approached by a guy in a purple and yellow shirt with a spiked faux hawk (not my favorite look, but he was very cute). We began speaking and quickly hit it off. We soon came to realize that we had multiple mutual friends in Orange County, where I went to college and he grew up. We ended up connecting so well that the next morning he called me to hang out during his last day in Seattle. Normally I would not have agreed, especially since I had no intentions of moving back to Southern California any time soon, but there was something that was telling me to go with it.

Fast forward, and we ended up talking every day over the phone for the next 6 months until I moved back, then spending just about every day together for the last 3 years. Bryan is the kind of guy who opens doors for girls, helps his mother and grandmother with the dishes, has too many friends to count, and just downright cares about people.

Now for the proposal: Bryan told me earlier in the week that he made early dinner reservations at my all time favorite restaurant. Since it was the week before Christmas, the boat parade was running through Newport Beach, where the restaurant is located. I excitedly agreed to go. He also suggested that we go down to our favorite spot on the beach to watch the sunset before our reservations, seeing as he knows this is my favorite time of the year to watch as the sun sets right behind Catalina Island. He packed a small bag of wine, blankets, and jackets and we headed down to the beach. As it turned out, we recently had a high tide, so there was a ledge of sand we were able to sit on and let our legs hang. We began taking pictures while sitting there, but I told him I wanted a picture with the sunset in the background. As he leaned over to grab his “phone” I could immediately see him start to shake, and next thing I knew, he was down on one knee right in front of me. Before he could start to talk my emotions went crazy and I grabbed the ring and then had to put it back, he hadn’t asked yet! I guess I was a little too excited! After the sweetest words imaginable, I grabbed the ring and said yes! We kissed, wiped our tears, and eventually took the picture with the sunset, only this time with a gorgeous ring on my hand. Once the sun went down, we went to our dinner reservations and watched a private boat show right on the water to celebrate. It was absolutely magical.

Three days later, I got a call letting me know that my grandmother from Seattle, now 95 had passed. She is now my guardian angel, and I was blessed to have her in my life until I was engaged to the man of my dreams. I couldn’t ask for anything more..

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