Kylee and Michael

How We Met: High school Image 1 of Kylee and Michaelsweethearts. Cliché, I know.Michael and I officiallymet junior year, in English class to be specific. We had always known of each other, however we were a part of different friend groups. Who knew, that the kid that never did his vocabulary homework would be my forever vocabulary critic.

We instantly became best friends after sharing our love for golden retrievers and now our obsession with “Friends.” We did everything together, both knowing that there was always something more to our friendship. After being teased and poked, we started dating. He was my first boyfriend and my first ever kiss! And now, my soon-to-be husband!

how they asked: Michael knew just the way to my heart. On Christmas of last year, he had given me what I had thought to be my first ever pair of real “diamond” earrings, which later I found out that the cubic zurconians were to throw me off in case of proposal suspicion. Along with the gift was a christmas card with a description of the other half of my gift- a nice date in Orlando the Saturday after Christmas.

The day of-Michael told me to wear this beautiful red dress he had bought for me during our previous trip to the Windy City (sneaky). It had been raining all day, so I can only imagine what was going through his mind, knowing that his plans for the big day would be outside. to downtown Orlando, and there was no rain in sight.

We started walking around Lake Eola, right in the middle of downtown. He would not tell me where we were going. When we got to this little cobblestone pathway, he stopped me. His nerves had gotten ahold of him when he began to talk about how much he how much he loves me and how he will always continue to love me. Shaking and all, he gets down on his right knee and asked me if I would marry him.

Image 2 of Kylee and Michael

Of course, before he even gets the words out, I start crying. Without even noticing the ring I say “of course!” He then gets up, both of us with so much joy (and crying). The ring is beautiful! He designed the perfect ring. Little did I know, a photographer friend was snapping pictures the whole time. After the proposal, I turned around to a crowd yelling from afar on the balcony at a restaurant overlooking the beautiful lake. It was our family and friends! Michael had planned the best surprise proposal, and I am so happy and blessed that I get to spend the rest of my life with him.

Photos by: Soft-Light Photography | Stephanie Boyle