Kylee and joey

How We Met: We knew of each other our entire lives. We were even on the same t-ball team when we were little. But we never really talked, so we really met in high school when we were both desperate for a date to prom. I thought he was sweet and different from other guys, as he focused a lot on school and kept to himself a lot. My friends interfered and kept finding ways to force us together. We ended up talking for a few months and became really good friends before he asked me to go with him. Over time he became my best friend, who I could talk to all the time and spend time with without feeling forced into being anything by myself. After prom, we continued talking eventually we admitted to each other that we liked each other as more than just friends, but he said he didn’t want to date because he was going to college and I was a year younger than him. His dad was also really sick and it was not a good time for him to enter a new relationship. He left for college and we both tried to keep our friendship the same, but we both knew we weren’t happy that way and about a month into the school year he asked me to be his girlfriend.

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how they asked: I had been dating Joey for 3 years, not counting the 9 months of going on dates preceding that, when we left for New York. Joey had an opportunity to do undergraduate research in New York and had invited me to travel and live with him there for the summer. The plan was to stay a night with my family on the first day, then travel the rest of the 16 hour drive to New York the following two days. My cousin, who is a photographer, was bugging me to let her take “couple pictures” of us while we were there, and I finally gave in and arranged to do the photos the evening before we left after lunch with my grandparents. When we were on our way to their town, however, I insisted we stop halfway to visit with a college friend of mine. He was upset that I took so long to visit, but I was in no hurry and rescheduled with my grandparents to have dinner instead of lunch. When we got there, my cousin told us she was taking us to 3 different locations for the pictures – a garden, a gravel road, and the castle where my parents had gotten married. I was excited and having so much fun, and when we got to the top of the castle I just kept looking around trying to decide what pose we would do next. Then he got on his knee. My first thought was, “well that is an odd pose for a picture!” and then it hit me. I was so excited and crying so hard that I forgot to give him and answer or even look at the ring he had gotten! Turned out that my cousin had been in on it from the beginning. My rescheduling really messed with his plans though, because we didn’t want my grandparents to know about the engagement before our parents. So, we ended up playing an entire game of cards with them without being able to say a thing or act like anything had happened! We got to spend the next 3 months living together, free of the questions and planning, and really got to enjoy our engagement together!

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Photos by Makenna Mcdade