Kylee and Jeffrey

Proposal Ideas At home
Alright so it was a very simple proposal. I just got home from work and he was just about done with making dinner and our table was all set up in the most gorgeous way. He said he wasn’t ready with everything yet and that I couldn’t see what was going on because it was a surprise. So he made me sit in the bathroom (because we live in a studio) and I waited about ten ish minutes. As he let me out our little home was brightened with candels, the food was set out, and he was dressed in a nice shirt and tie. I really I had no idea what was going on. I thought he was just planning a nice dinner. So we sat down and started eating and he said wait I have a surprise for you. So he put his hand over my eyes and started shuffling through the closet. As he let go of my eyes and I opened them he was down on one knee and said will you marry me? In that moment I swear I was in shock and I just kept asking if he’s lying and if it’s real. He was like no baby it’s real is that a yes and I said yes. And he slipped the most perfect ring on my finger. I couldn’t stop smiling and I couldnt even finish my dinner with how excited I was. And that’s the story of how my best friend’s asked me to be his forever.

Kylee's Proposal in At home