Kylee and Hudson

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How We Met

Hudson and I first met when we were 5 or 6! Our families did 4H at the same club, and our siblings and us took danced and sang at the same performing arts studio and our paths crossed often for church meetings and functions. When we were freshmen in high school we participated in a Pioneer Trek for church where we dressed up in pioneer clothes and trekked across the plains of Wyoming in the blazing July heat! I think that Hudson must have gotten a little too much sun one day haha but he says that I looked way cute in my little pioneer outfit! When we got home we started spending a lot of time together it helped that we lived three miles away from each other! Over the course of the next four years of high school we became best friends!

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We enjoyed attending high school dances, rodeos, and football games together. After graduation Hudson went on an LDS mission to Lansing Michigan in August 2014. I’ll be honest I dated other people and we stopped talking after a few months so Hudson could focus on his mission. After a semester of attending Utah State University I went on an LDS mission to the Philippines in January of 2015. I became very ill with a lung infection and had to come home early. My life was tipped upside down for the next few months trying to figure out who I was and what I wanted in life. Peace and joy was something I hadn’t experienced in quite a while. Hudson came home in August 2016 and wanted to catch up. We had only spoken a handful of times the past two years so I was a little nervous.

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The second I saw him I knew I was home. Life started falling into place and the pieces of my heart started to heal. We both were attending Utah State University and officially started dating again in November 2016. The past few months have been amazing! I like testing out new dinner recipes on Hudson while we are at school! He is so smart and helps me with my math and I help him with his english papers! We are both so competitive and love playing games with our family and friends! Going to family dinners at each other’s homes is always a highlight for us as well. We are so happy to be getting married and starting the rest of our lives together!

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how they asked

Ok so we have known each other basically our whole lives and so when we got back together after Hudson came home I knew 100% I wanted to marry him! I was super upfront with him and while he loved me so much and felt confident in our relationship he wanted to take things slow. I seriously lack patience haha so after like a week I just kept joking about it and basically for 4 months I teased him about it and would ask him and hint and he just laughed and told me he loved me which was basically killing me (which he knew and probably enjoyed;) ) I love to travel abroad and in January Hudson and I both got accepted to USU’s study abroad program in Asia. We would be traveling with the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business to Thailand, China, Vietnam and meeting up with my parents at the end of my trip in the Philippines to visit my mission. We left May 27 and were so excited to experience this together!

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A few days before we left I felt so frustrated that he still wouldn’t talk about getting married so I told him I was going to propose to him on the trip! He died laughing and was pretty amused because three days before we left I drove from Logan Utah to Boise Idaho and left Hudson in Utah for another day to finish “tests” for our summer classes but really he was driving to Pocatello Idaho to meet his friend that works for Jensen Jewelers to pick out an engagement ring. I’m not totally clueless and I thought getting engaged on the trip would be epic but we hadn’t talked about it at all and I never even showed him rings I liked! But just to get the idea out of my mind and stop getting my hopes up our first night abroad in Vietnam I decided to go to his room and claim I wanted to pick out his outfit! Knowing that if there was a ring in his bag he would never let me dig through it. He didn’t seem concerned and let me go through it finding a shirt.

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And the idea was out of my mind! He knows me so well he had hidden the ring! A week later my dream came true in more ways than one! I have always wanted to go to Thailand and we arrived in the beautiful city of Chiang Mai. We dinned on my favorite food: Green curry and garlic naan. And toured some incredible international businesses. That Saturday we had an awesome day planned to go ride elephants (which is a serious dream of mine), pet tigers, eat lunch at a butterfly sanctuary and get Thai massages! I was flipping out that morning about this epic day we had planned and when we arrived at the elephant camp I couldn’t race up to the platform soon enough! I kept wanting to get on the elephant but Hudson told me that the tour guide was assigning who went on which elephant. I was so impatient and kept saying, “it doesn’t look like he is.. people are getting on them now!… lets go!” he kept laughing at me as he normally does when I get all impatient haha!

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Finally our guide pointed to us that we could get on the elephant! He handed us sugar cane and bananas to feed her and said that she does tricks! I was overjoyed to be on an elephant with my best friend! A few minutes into the walk we were laughing and feeding it! I loved when the trunk came back to where we were sitting looking for more food! One time it came back and I was like “oh man here is another banana!” and Hudson was like no it has something in its trunk so I looked and sure enough there was a blue box in its trunk! I was like woah thats cool! So I grabbed it! And Hudson sat there looking at me and said “Are you going to open it?!” I said “I thought it was just a trick!”

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Then I opened the box and BAM there was the most stunning, perfect ring I had ever seen. Hudson asked, “Will you marry me?” with the biggest grin on his face and I melted with joy and excitement!! The rest of the trip was amazing! We loved adventuring with each other and taking in the excitement of being engaged! Now that we are home we are planning and counting down the days until we say “I do”.

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