Kylee and Gil's Mountaintop Sunrise Proposal

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how we met

Gil and I went to rival high schools in Kansas, and I only knew of him because he dated a girl on my basketball team. We had never hung out, or even had a conversation back then, but if you ask him he would say that he always had a “crush” on me from afar. Flash forward a couple years to 2011 when we were in college…He went off to school Nashville while I stayed in Kansas. Our first real interaction happened when we ran into each other at a bar in Lawrence, KS while he was visiting back home. It was a very brief encounter that consisted of small talk and a little awkwardness given that it was our first time speaking. The only thing running through my mind was how good looking this guy had gotten! He had definitely manned up since high school and I couldn’t help but notice. The conversation couldn’t have been longer that 5 minutes, but I can still remember exactly what he was wearing (jeans and white button-up), and how nice it sounded when my name came out of his mouth. Little did I know that that was God briefly introducing me to the man who would later become my world.

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Flash forward again about a year and half from our run-in at the bar. It was the morning of Feb. 28th, 2013 when I woke up to a Twitter message from Gil. He had randomly wrote me to tell me I had been in his dream the night before and he couldn’t help but tell me about it. Although I found it a bit odd that this semi-stranger was dreaming about me, I decided to roll with it (I mean, he was so cute and all). We then proceeded to message back and forth that whole day, which led to the exchange of numbers, which led to daily phone calls/face times, which led to me inviting him to my best friend’s wedding, and we’ve been together ever since. It’s safe to say that I am literally his “dream girl!”

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how they asked

About six weeks prior to the proposal, I was contacted by a photographer, Chris Hsieh, who I knew through a photography Facebook group. He let me know that he was going to be in Denver soon and asked me if my boyfriend and I would like to do mountain-top sunrise photo shoot. An amazing photographer combined with a breath-taking backdrop? Of course we jumped at the chance!

The morning of the shoot my alarm went off at 2:45am, and I immediately questioned why I ever agreed to such a thing. While I was struggling to get moving, Gil was wide awake and said that he didn’t sleep a wink. I thought he was just nervous that he was going to sleep through his alarm, so I didn’t think anything of it. As we drove up Mt. Evans, Gil mentioned a few times that his stomach was hurting.

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He had just downed a 5 hour energy and hadn’t eaten breakfast, so again, I thought nothing of it. We finally made it to the top at about 4:30am. Chris, who was beaming with excitement, began posing us for a few shots. It was beyond cold and the wind was something fierce and I had no idea how Chris was managing to focus, let alone have so much positive energy!

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Chris then had me face the opposite direction of Gil and look “dramatic off into the sunrise.” I kept hearing him say, “Keep looking! Stay facing that way! Just keep looking dramatic!” Little did I know what was happening behind me.

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After “dramatically” looking off into the sunrise for what seemed like an hour (it was maybe 20 seconds), my hair was not having it. It would not cooperate and I couldn’t keep it out of my face. In an attempt to fix my obnoxious hair, I whipped my head around. That is when I caught a glimspe of Gil – He was down on one knee with a ring in his hands and the biggest smile on his face that I’ve ever seen. I tried to catch my breath as Gil spoke his heartfelt words and asked me to marry him. There are no words to describe how happy I was in that moment, and how excited I am to become his wife. WE’RE GETTING MARRIED!!!

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