Kylee and Brandon

how we met

We were bowling on lanes 1 & 2. Brandon was working that night and he kept coming over and talking to us. Me being clueless…I thought he was much older than me so I told my sister Karissa, “He’s cute! You should get his number.” Little did I know he was actually flirting with me. My family of course picked up on it right away. We all had a great time bowling and hanging out. Brandon sat with us for a little bit and of course showed us up in bowling. The whole time I thought he was flirting with my sister but I found out later that everyone knew that he was flirting with me. As we left that night, my brother Ked, told Brandon to look me up on Facebook and he gave him my name. Before I made it home to Bluffton, I already had a message on Facebook from a Brandon Brown.

how they asked

We were on a 8 day cruise to the Caribbean and he proposed on the last day of the cruise in St. Maarten. I was kind of grumpy that day. It was the last day, it was the hottest day (90+), we had done A LOT on the trip so I was just wore out. We had just left the beach and we were sitting at a little restaurant having drinks and I was falling asleep. I had asked if Brandon wanted to go back to the boat and rest and get some food but he didn’t want to. At the time I was confused and mad that he wouldn’t go back to the boat but now I know why. Finally, Brandon said we could go back to the boat but he wanted to get a picture by the boat pier. This seemed normal. It was vacation. We took photos everywhere we went. So we walked over to the pier and my mom and god mom were taking our photos. Brandon asked me to turn and look at him and me being grumpy said, “why would we take a photo like this?” He then told me he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me and that he loved me and then he got down on one knee. :) needless to say I wasn’t grumpy anymore that day. This was a surprise. I heard that he might propose during the cruise but since he waited until the last day, I didn’t think it was going to happen. Bandon later told me that he had asked my dad for his permission to ask me to marry him and dad said yes but asked that he do it on the last day just incase I would say no. Brandon had also given the ring to my Mom to pack so I didn’t see it. He had the ring in his swim trunks pocket the whole day and I never noticed.

Special Thanks