Lauren and Kyle

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Pet Store

How We Met

We met working at an Italian restaurant in Columbus, Ohio but had not spoken until a group of our friends was going out after work. I saw Kyle in the kitchen when I was heading out and asked if he was going to the bar. He tells me now that he had always thought I was cute and had always wanted to talk to me, but had decided his sarcasm was the best thing to approach me within the moment.

“Not if you’re going.” I decided he was either being a jerk or not knowing how to flirt back. Turns out he is just bad at flirting. Anyways, I joined the group later on and soon after Kyle walked in. We sat until 2 am, having talked for 4 hours and ignoring everyone else. The next week we went on our first date apple picking. We’ve seen each other almost every day since then.

How They Asked

Kyle and I had been dating for a year and living together for the majority of that. We had my husky, but wanted another dog, that we would get together! He had never had a dog before this, so we decided to go to the pet store one Saturday so he could see different kinds of dogs and figure out what we would want. As we walked through the store seeing all the different puppies they had, none of them really stood out as ones we would want to bring out and play with. We finally got to the very back and found this small silly dog. We asked a staff member if we could play with her and she brought her out. She told us that no one was interested in her because she was a mixed dog that people found weird.

Where to Propose in Pet Store

After taking her into one of the play cubbies, we instantly fell in love with her. She was goofy, funny, and we knew would have fun with our husky. She was going to the pound the following week and we knew we needed to make her part of our little family. While the staff prepared for her to go home with us, Kyle picked her up, held her tightly and asked, “Lauren, will you be my wife?” Of course, I said yes, hugging him and our new puppy! He said it was too great of a moment to not ask, even though he was trying to work out a good plan to propose. That week we went and found a beautiful engagement ring. A few days after, we went hiking and he made the “official” proposal that we showed to our family and friends. I can’t wait to marry my best friend.