Taylor and Kyle

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how we met

Kyle and I had a mutual friend that introduced us to each other 6 and a half years ago. Kyle was in his junior year of high school and I was a sophomore. We began texting and talking to each other on the phone over the next few weeks. We eventually went on our first date a couple weeks later. It was a double date that began at our mutual friends house where we watched movies and the Kentucky basketball game. Everyone that knew Kyle knew that he was a quiet and shy person. That trend wasn’t any different throughout the first couple hours of our first date. A couple hours into the date he finally began talking and the conversations became easy after that point. It was a fall day so after we watched movies, we headed to Jamestown, IN where we went to a haunted house and hayride. Who knew that we would be getting engaged more than 6 years later?

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how they asked

Kyle usually always calls me on his way home from work, so I thought it was a little odd when he told me that he was talking with his mom all week. He was spending extra time in his car and taking a long time to come inside our apartment. Little did I know, he was calling all of our friends and family to plan the perfect engagement. We went back to Terre Haute to visit with our friends from college and not a single one of them spilled the beans. (I was even talking about engagements with one of my best friends the entire weekend!) Kyle is a huge sports fan, so I jokingly sent a Snap Chat to all of my friends of us at the Pacers game that said, “This is why I’m never getting engaged.” This was two days prior to the engagement. I was completely unaware that they took a screen shot of the picture and sent it to him. Earlier in the week, he had told me that we were getting family pictures done with his family. I thought it was odd that I was included in this, but I just went along with it.

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When we arrived at the orchard we began taking family photos. We were standing around a lot and I was wondering what was going on. About a half hour into the session, many cars began to pull into the orchard. I made a comment about the large amount of cars and Ashley, our photographer, played it off by saying that it was a busy time for photographers to come because of sunset. I still didn’t think much into it. I first saw my aunt, but I didn’t realize what was going on until I saw all of my friends. I even started to walk towards them to say hi, before I realized what was actually happening. As I turned around, Kyle was down on one knee asking me to marry him.

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Of course I said, “YES!” We were greeted by all of our closest family and friends. Ashley was able to capture the moment and my reaction throughout the entire thing. It was perfect to be able to go back and see the entire moment play out. This was a perfect proposal and it will be a day that I will remember for the rest of my life!

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