Kyle and Syna's Lighthouse Marriage Proposal

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How They Met: (Spring & Fall 2009)

How “Syna Met Kyle”.

Syna met Kyle in Spring 2009, at the University of Minnesota- Twin Cities, on the 4th floor of the Biomedical Library, to be exact. This was where Kyle studied Dentistry and Syna studied Psychology. It was finals week and Kyle asked Syna to watch his books while he went to lunch. Syna thought this was a huge deal! But later found out that Kyle asked anyone who looked trustworthy to watch his items if was going to return. On the plus side, Kyle thought Syna was trustworthy!

How “Kyle Met Syna”.

In the Fall of 2009, Syna and Kyle studied at the same spot, 4th floor Biomedical library. Syna studied at a table that so happened to be facing Kyle- who was studying at a different table. When Kyle studies he sort of gazes. Syna thought he was staring at her! So she smiled and waved. She later would find out that he was NOT staring at her, but that was how he studied…

She was pretty embarrassed by this. A few weeks went by and Kyle finally introduced himself and that’s when they both consciously met each other. And became friends.

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Winter 2010- Their First Date
It was during winter break. Syna sent Kyle a Facebook message saying, “Do you like Chipotle? If you don’t, you should”. You see, there was a 2 for 1 deal on burritos! Kyle responded, “Yes, of course I like Chipotle”. So like that, a first date was set! Syna missed her bus and arrived late… Kyle lost his phone a week before and had a
temporary so he didn’t know if Syna had called or texted… But he stayed! They had lunch! And continued to learn more about each other.

Spring 2011- Let the Distance Begin
Syna graduated with her B.A. in Psychology in May of 2011. Kyle drove 2 hours from Spooner that day to attend her graduation ceremony. This would be the beginning of many travels that they would make to each other.

Summer 2011- The DTR
On July 10, 2011, Kyle and Syna decided being friends wasn’t enough! That day Kyle and Syna decided boyfriend and girlfriend was more suited for them.
Their love grew stronger from that day forward.

2012- Personal Growth
Kyle accepted a job in Manitowoc, WI and Syna stayed in the Twin Cities. Syna began Nursing School at Herzing University. They were over 4 hours distance apart.

Winter 2014- Whacking the Distance in Half
Kyle left his position in Manitowoc, WI and accepted a new position in Rice Lake, WI. Now, they were only 2 hours distance apart!

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how they asked:(Fast Forward) 2015- The Proposal. Kyle planned a weekend vacation for June 26- 28, 2015, that began in Manitowoc, WI. This was where he began working as a dentist. After an over 4 hour drive they arrived in Manitowoc and began the night with dinner at the Courthouse Pub- one of their favorite eats. After dinner they walked one of the many beaches of Manitowoc. They then drove to The Manitowoc Breakwater Lighthouse.

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As they began walking toward the lighthouse Kyle acted a little strange telling Syna to pose for photos. Syna was surprised because typically she is the one making Kyle take pictures! She would later find out he was distracting her from the photographer who was taking photos of them as they made their way to the lighthouse.

They have visited the lighthouse before. So when Kyle asked Syna, “Remember that one time we came here”? She responded, “Yes, it was windy and cold”. He said, “Yes, but I think this will be a more memorable one. Look at the light in the lighthouse”. She turned to look at the bright light and thought to herself, “Well, duh, it’s a ‘lighthouse'”. She then turned back to find Kyle on one knee, with an engagement ring, and him saying, “You light up my life. Will you marry me?”

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“Yes,” and tears of joy were her answers.

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They hugged and he told her to smile because there was a photographer! She was NOT prepared!

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But everything was perfect. That evening sunset marked the moment Kyle and Syna turned from boyfriend and girlfriend to Fiancés!

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Photos by Karen Ann Photography