Sarah and Kyle

Image 1 of Sarah and Kyle

How We Met: We met the fall of 2001. I was a junior and he was a freshman. He was on the football team and I was a groupie that went to all of the parties! One fall evening we were enjoying ourselves and he kissed me inside of a laundry room! After that night, nothing happened all I remember is that Kyle was one of the best kissers I have ever kissed. Kyle will also admit that he has had a crush on me since he was in the 5th grade, when he came to see the middle school performance of Once Upon a Mattress… I was the Queen!

Let’s fast forward 11 years, September 21, 2012. We were both at a mutual friends wedding. I wasn’t looking for romance, I was just coming off my three month trials of online dating and he was enjoying his bachelor lifestyle – he just moved into his own apartment and was working full time in the finance industry.

We were placed at the same table and got to talking. Next thing we know that we were chugging wine off the table and laughing our butts off reminiscing of old times. We took some awesome photo booth pictures and danced all night. We get back to the hotel and Kyle kissed me in the elevator. Let’s talk about butterflies, even though I was a little buzzed I remember feeling so excited that he finally decided to kiss me!

The next morning, we exchanged phone numbers (he already had mine) and we started a texting relationship. I had my sisters bachelorette party the following weekend and my sisters wedding a weekend after that and he was flying out to one of the Carolinas for his friends wedding. We couldn’t see each other until the 3rd weekend of October . Our texts turned into nightly phone calls that we stay up and talk for hours.

Our first official date was in October and we went to a local restaurant. After three weeks of dating, Kyle asked me to be his girlfriend at his birthday party! It was a moment I will never forget. From there we spent every weekend together. We missed each other so much when we were apart and we couldn’t get enough of each other!

After 5 months of dating. Me living New Jersey and him in New York, he asked me to move in! The rest is history! We have been on some awesome vacations to Chicago, San Diego, Disneyland, Ocean City Maryland, and Key West.

how they asked: It was our favorite weekend of the summer, CAMPING! For the last three years we have been going to a campsite on the Delaware River in New York. It was our time to disconnect from social media, work and enjoy time with friends. We call ourselves the Pond Eddy Originals and we invite our friends up every year. It is a blast.

As we were packing up the truck to head to the site Kyle mentioned that he wanted to stop at the Crows Nest. The Crows Nest is a windy road that has pull offs so you can enjoy the view. I am usually pretty easy going and I would do anything for a selfie in front of a view.

On our drive up Kyle was talking about a dirt road that brings you up to a higher view. We went up a dirt road but there was no view to be found. So we back tracked and went back to the Crows Nest .

Kyle pulled over at the first pull off, he did a K-Turn on an extremely dangerous road… I was freaking out. We get out of the truck and the view was absolutely breathtaking! We saw rafters floating down the delaware and saw an Eagle fly by! The view was so nice!

Image 2 of Sarah and Kyle

Kyle decides to run back to his truck, “I have a camping gift for you- for all of your hard work and planning” I turn around and I see a Pandora Bag. I open the bag and it is a beautiful charm, I needed one last charm to fill up the bracelet he bought for me in 2012. The charm was a locket with an engagement ring inside. Then I look up, and the man of my dreams was on his knee… kneeling on pebbles, stones and glass proposing TO ME!

Image 3 of Sarah and Kyle

I couldn’t believe it, the ring was so shiny and it was a perfect fit. I felt like life stood still for a mere 45 seconds! It was the sweetest and most memorable experience of my life. I will never forget it. I found a great guy and we are absolutely perfect for each other.

The best part about this is, he has had the ring for over two months IN OUR APARTMENT, he asked my father, my mother, and my 87 year old grandfather for their blessings. One last thing that makes Kyle so perfect, he told my grandma while she was intubated in the hospital during the last couple of hours of her here on earth and she responded with a hand squeeze.

All in all, Kyle made the proposal and engagement so amazing. He even got my sisters and whole family to come up in the woods to celebrate for a couple of hours without me knowing!