Samantha and Kyle

How We Met

Two and a half years ago I met one of Kyle’s best friends, and one day this friend decided to introduce to two of his closest friends – one of them being Kyle.  All four of us became an inseparable group, from adventuring  together to chilling at eachother’s houses we hung out what seemed like all of the time.  During this time I never thought anything of Kyle, I saw that he was obviously funny but that’s about it.  Then about a year and a half after meeting Kyle, we decided to meet at a local coffee shop and do homework together. This was the first time we ever hung out by ourselves – I was so nervous and had no idea what to expect! Let’s just say, I didn’t get any homework done that night because I was too busy noticing his amazing baby blue eyes.  And that is where it all started, with many more late night laughs and adventurous dates to follow.

how they asked

Throughout the time Kyle and I dated, we made sure that no matter what every once in a while we would find time to go on a date.  To do something out of the ordinary, adventurous, fun – not eat at a fancy restaurant and stare at each other while you shove food into your mouths (not that there is anything wrong with that).  Life became very busy since holiday season began and I realized we haven’t gone on a date in a long time, so I told him that we should start planning one – but he insisted on doing this himself, he wanted to plan a “surprise date”.  I said “okay” to this and didn’t think anymore of it, because we would have little surprises for each other here and there. The Sunday of our date arrived quickly and I was eager to begin this day he had planned – not having any clue what was about to come.  It started with an amazing breakfast at one of our favorite places, but he kept looking at his clock explaining there we are on a strict time schedule – which wasn’t like him. After breakfast he told me that we are going to Oak Openings (one of our favorite metroparks) to meet two of our Instagram friends to take some pictures and explore, like I’ve been wanting to do.

As soon as we got there our friends Lucas and Courtney said they wanted to take us to this beautiful spot in the park they had found a couple weeks ago, Kyle and I gladly accepted this invitation.  So we were out in the woods taking pictures of the beautiful trees above our heads and Courtney asked if she could get some shots for instagram of Kyle and I.  For one of the shots taken I put my hand on Kyle’s chest and I noticed his heart was beating so fast; although, I didn’t think anything of it because I knew he didn’t like being in front of the camera so i figured it was just nerves.

Next, Lucas told me to come up in front of Kyle because he wanted some pictures with depth of focus.  I thought it was weird, but I didn’t argue because I figured Lucas is a photographer and he knows what he’s talking about.  I stood there for a few minutes while Courtney and Lucas took the shots that they wanted, that whole time I thought Kyle was right behind me standing just as dramatically for the photo as I was.


However, when the pictures were done and I turned around to talk to Kyle I realized he was on one knee, smiling at me with his beautiful blue eyes.  *cue a lot of tears*


I can still hear him now, even through the sound of my loud sobs: “Samantha, you are my best friend. I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.” I said yes, a thousand times yes!  As if that wasn’t enough, he had a few more surprises planned for the rest of the day, ending with a surprise engagement party with our wonderful friends and family.  I will never forget this beautiful, magical day.

Engagement Ring


Special Thanks

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