Kyle and Sabrina

How We Met

Kyle and I met at orientation for our graduate program at Rollins College. Kyle walked in holding a large golf umbrella since it had been raining that morning, which I thought was super dorky. I thought to myself, “He’s handsome, but who carries a golf umbrella any more?” After orientation ended, a group of us girls went to get our pictures taken for our school IDs. As the only guy in the program, Kyle joined us. As the photographer was about to start taking pictures, Kyle made a joke about how we all looked like models about to sit for a photoshoot. When it was my turn to sit down for a photo, Kyle grabbed a magazine and started fanning me. As a result, I’m partially laughing in my school ID photo. It’s a terrible photo of me, but I love it because it reminds me of that moment we shared together. After we all got our school IDs, one of the girls convinced a security worker to drive us to the parking garage on his golf cart. He agreed, but said that Kyle would have to be left behind since there was only enough room for the girls and he would get in trouble if he squeezed in an extra person. As the gentleman he is, Kyle told the security worker to take the girls first. Except the security worker never came back for Kyle, as I found out later! Whoops!

How They Asked

Kyle and I always share a birthday weekend since our birthdays are so close together, Kyle’s being the day after mine (although he’s older than me). Kyle and I had plans to have dinner with some family and friends on Saturday night to celebrate our birthdays. My friends always like to dress up for dinners and other events, so naturally, they wanted to dress up for this dinner. I was hesitant about it since I hadn’t talked to my family about dressing up, but my friends told me that Kyle had already told my family to dress up nice. Right before we all started getting ready for dinner, Kyle told me that one of the professors from our graduate program had texted him and told him that she didn’t receive his work for a project he was working on and that she needed it right away.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Rollins College

Kyle asked me if it would be okay if we stopped by campus on our way to dinner so he could turn in his work, to which I said yes. As we got closer to campus, I noticed that Kyle was heading to the parking garage, which we would normally park in if we were going to be on campus for a long period of time. I suggested he go onto campus and park in the small lot by the professor’s office building so he could just drop off his work, but Kyle told me that the lot was under construction. So we went ahead and parked in the parking garage. My friends had been following us in their car since we were supposed to arrive at the restaurant together, so I assumed we’d all just wait in our cars for Kyle to run and drop off his work.

Proposal Ideas Rollins College

But Kyle suggested we all go together and show our friends the campus. I didn’t want to walk all the way onto campus since I was in heels and it was about to rain, so I protested. But then I saw our friends getting out of their car and remembered that one of them had mentioned the night before that she’s always wanted to see our campus because it looks so pretty. When we arrived on campus, one of my friends asked where Kyle and I attended our classes. I turned to point to the building on my right when Kyle tugged on my hand.

Kyle's Proposal in Rollins College

When I turned back to him, I could see my friends backing away. That’s when Kyle started telling me how much he loved me and then got down on one knee to propose! I was so surprised!! He even had our families waiting for us inside and a photographer nearby to capture the moment. I absolutely love that he took me back to the place where we met and asked me to marry him with our family and friends close by to celebrate with us! I’ll never forget it!

Special Thanks

Andy Maldonado
 | Photographer