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How We Met

I knew when I first saw my beautiful fiancé, Kyle Parker, I wanted to make her my wife. A little over a week ago, that dream became a reality. Kyle and I first met when I transferred to the high school she attended in 9th grade. Ever since laying eyes on her, I knew it was a feeling that would not be easily shaken. After months of nagging her via Facebook and texting, I finally talked her into going on a date with me.

After a shaky first few months, we somehow found ourselves as an established couple (she was way out of my league). Over the course of our high school years, our love grew stronger and we had the best few years of our life. She ran track, and I played soccer. Each of us would religiously support one another in our sporting passions. After creating the most incredible memories throughout high school, the dreaded college decision began making itself more prevalent in our lives. Being from Knoxville, Tennessee, Kyle ultimately decided to attend the University of Tennessee. I knew I had a hard decision to make. At the end of the day, I decided to attend the University of Kentucky on a scholarship to play soccer. This was really tough on us as a couple, but we were headstrong leading up to college as we were optimistic regarding long distance in the future. We enjoyed that summer like it was our last, creating some of the best memories up to that point in our relationship.

Once college came, things got harder and life hit us at a different angle. Parting that afternoon in August of 2013 is a feeling that we will never forget. Not knowing how our future would look, it was scary. Kyle was able to visit after the first few weeks of the season; it was the longest few weeks we’ve ever felt! Throughout the course of our college journey, things were not ever perfect and the trails became more challenging. We were faced with situations that you can not explain unless you have dated long distance before in your life. God willing, we were blessed enough to thrive and grow with each other throughout this journey. The rest is history!

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how they asked

Leading up to the proposal weekend, I had her circle that date in her calendar several weeks in advance for my dad’s “company award dinner.” She had the idea that we were going to celebrate his 15 years with his company. As I was in communication with our friends, decorating, and planning, it all began to fall in place. My dream girl was about to be mine (hopefully)! I left my house and picked her up as I normally would. After I picked her up, that is when the nerves began to kick in. My hands were incredibly clammy as it hit me that I was about to propose to Kyle. It seemed like the longest drive of my life! All I could do was hold her and and try to stay calm. Pulling into Dancing Bear Lodge, I pulled into the farthest spot I could find so she did not see the decorations right away.

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Opening her door to get out, I knew our lives were about to change in moments. Walking up to the decorated walkway, she knew right away what was happening. It was the most surreal moment we have ever shared together. As I gripped her hand up to the lighted gazebo, I poured my emotions out and asked her to marry me. She said yes!

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Shortly after, our friends and family greeted us with champagne and the celebrations began! It was the most spectacular night that we have had thus far. We are eagerly awaiting the rest of our life together, and could not have made it without the loving and encouraging support of our family and friends!

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