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How We Met

Kyle and I met during my freshman year at Albright College. I was an incoming pre-med major and he ended up being my Chemistry tutor during my first semester. At the time, we both had significant others from high school and so clearly, it was strictly professional. Fast forward to the next semester, we bonded over the fact that we were both pledging Greek life on campus. As luck would have it, we were both single. We hit it off right away.. especially with our common love for science.

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It only took a few weeks until we were officially dating! We’ve now been dating almost 7 years. We’ve been with each other through the many struggles: of him being in graduate school, doing long distance, with me trying to get into medical school, and all the arguments and struggles that may come with relationships. We are now happily working through doing distance while I’m in medical school and having our two adorable puppies that we love very much!

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how they asked

Kyle found the perfect place to propose. He knew that there wasn’t a specific place that I would have really wanted or would have had in mind. I’m not a beach enthusiast, an outdoorsy person, or any of that sort. Lucky for me, he knows me better than I even know myself. He proposed at Albright College, in front of the Science building.. the place that we spent many hours together, the place that we shared our love for the sciences, and the place that moulded us to be the individuals that we now are.

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The spot that he proposed is very special to us because it was at that same spot that I accidentally told Kyle “I love you” only a few weeks into our relationship. What made it even more amazing was the fact that both of our families were present with our two dogs! Kyle certainly out did himself not just with a gorgeous ring, but also with a surprise party after we had dinner to celebrate our engagement with our family and close friends!

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Special Thanks

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