Lauren and Kyle


How We Met

Kyle and I met in 2009 when we were both freshmen at Arizona State University in Tempe, Arizona. Neither of us expected what was coming next. We became each other’s support system. We became best friends. We became each other’s truth-tellers. And our bond grew stronger and stronger each day.

Fast-forward to 2016 and we have hundreds of memories together. From ASU football games and tailgates, graduation, half-marathons, road trips, new jobs and promotions, cross-country moves and adventurous miles-long hikes, we’ve shared so many big moments together, we can’t wait to share our big day together, too.

how they asked

We’re both pretty outdoorsy people. We like camping and hiking, basically anything that gets you dirty. So, it was no surprise that Kyle “popped the question” on a camping trip.

Kyle’s been experimenting with nighttime photography lately so during this trip we had the camera out and we were playing around trying to capture the stars in the sky or the illuminated tent. After some time messing around, he got his flashlight and positioned me behind the tripod. At first what he was doing didn’t look like much to me–he was just waving around the flashlight–but little did I know, he was spelling out a very special message.

The letters WUMM appeared on the camera viewer and he came over, got on one knee and the rest is history.