Lauren and Kyle

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How We Met

We met first semester freshmen year of college. We had three classes together. I only noticed him in one, because he was the funny kid who always sat behind me and made really funny jokes with his friend. He noticed that we had three classes together, and approached me after history class one day and asked “if I was ready for the test?” I didn’t know he was also in my math class, so I started panicing about a history test that I didn’t know was happening. Once we both knew we had three of four classes together we started walking together and hanging out, but remained in the friends zone, even lived in a house together senior year.

Post collage graduation he moved to Chicago and me to New York, we kept in touch and he came to visit about five years later and we decided to try dating.

how they asked

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Kyle tried to propose to me at least two times before he actually did. On Valentine’s he made a super romantic meal at our apartment. I thought it was going to happen then, he said that he didn’t because I started talking about something really un-romantic, I think our house plants. A second time he took me up to the top of the Empire State building on a random nice day in February, but there was a busload of kids on a field trip running around, so it wasn’t right.

On the day he actually did propose, he sent me a cryptic message telling me to meet him in Washington Square Park. So I met and he informed me we were on a “Love Trip” around the city and began recounting the roots of our relationship it ended with a rhyme that lead me to the “Friends” apartment. Next we went to my first apartment in the city in the East Village. Then he lead me to one of my favorite spots in the city, City Hall Park. By this time I thought that this must be leading to something, but I didn’t know where or when he was going to get down on one knee. After City Hall park, he took me to one of our favorite bars in the city, Crocodile Lounge, for a couple beers and free pizza. I struggled with the next clue that lead me to Grand Central. After Grand Central, we went uptown to another bar where our romantic relationship first began. That’s where we took photos in the photo booth. The last stop on the “Trip of Love” was our apartment. He sent me to the bedroom where there was a note on the bed that said, “Close your eyes and count to ten and turn around.” There he was on one knee with THE RING. The one that I fell in love with months ago. Of course I said yes and we kissed. It was my perfect way to get engaged, with my perfect ring and my perfect man. On top of that, we had our housewarming party the next day, which was now a housewarming/engagement party, so we got to celebrate with all of our friends.

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