Kyle and Krystina

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Our home

How They Asked

On Christmas eve Krystina awoke early but waited for Kyle to wake. When Kyle woke up Krystina wanted to open stockings. After stockings were open Krystina asked if they were opening gifts now or later. Kyle said after he showered.

At this time, Krystina was going to Tim Hortons for breakfast while Kyle showered. Once Krystina left Kyle had a quick shower, less than 1 min, he then got the sweater he would transform out of the closet and carefully put a hand stitched and embroidered message over the Christmas part of the merry Christmas sweater. He quickly got dressed and put a cardigan over the sweater. He got the ring box in the cardigans pocket.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Our home

Krystina got home and they ate breakfast. Shortly after they started opening gifts. Kyle suggested Krystina open her gift first. Inside was the gift box the ring came in, but no ring box. Instead, there was a letter from Kyle to Krystina. Unknown to her on the left column of the letters on the left spelled out merry me, it was either yes or no. Krystina could not tell at the time. After reading the letter Krystina gave Kyle a gift to open. He opened it and undid the buttons for his cardigan. Held the gift up that she got him and then gave her another gift. This time he asked her to wait. He took off his cardigan to reveal the sweater, he pulled out the ring box dropped to one knee and asked if Krystina Mary McVey would marry him. She said yes!!

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