Kristen and Kyle


How we met: Kyle & I met four years ago. We were both part of the same wedding party. Me being the maid of honor to my best friend and him being a groomsmen to his cousin. At the time, both of us were already in long relationship so we became good friends and became really close for 3 years.

A little over a year ago we learned that both of our long relationships had ended. It was right then and there that we knew we wanted to give us a shot.

So in March of 2013 we started dating and have been together ever since! I’ve known from the day I met him that he was the one. I just had to wait and let time pass before we could be together. We now have been together a year and a half and have a 3 month old son Rutledge Jax. Kyle is my absolute best friend!

imagehow they asked: Kyle proposed on May 27th at home in our apartment. He told me a few weeks prior that I had a surprise coming but that he had to wait for it all to be shipped. So the night of the 27th started off pretty normal. We had just finished eating dinner and Kyle was sitting on the couch feeding Rutledge. When he was done he asked if I was ready for my surprise. And of course I said “yess!” He then told me that is was an outfit for Rutledge and he was gonna take him to the room and put it on.

I thought is was going to be some silly costume or something so I started filling the sink with water to wash baby bottles. As I’m standing there washing bottles Kyle comes around the corner holding Rutledge. He turns Rutledge around and I started to read his onesie. I got to the “will you marry” part and immediately started crying! At first I didn’t even realize that Rutledge was holding the ring in his hand. I was to busy screaming and crying. Kyle says he said a few nice things to me but I remember nothing from that moment because I was so hysterical lol. Finally after I calmed down I realized the ring on his little finger. Kyle then took the ring from Rutledge and places it on my finger and asked me “will you marry me” and of course I said “yessss!” It was the perfect proposal. Simple at home with our son. It was absolutely perfect.