Kyle and Katie


How We Met: To make enough money for late-night Taco Bell runs and our savings accounts, we both worked as lifeguards at a local country club during the summer months while we were home from college. Lifeguarding was a fairly easy job that doubled as an opportunity to soak up the summer sun. During our first lifeguard inservice, we noticed each other but kept things friendly. This friendship continued on until the middle of the summer, when we first starting communicating outside of work through text message conversations. After we realized that we both wanted something more out of our friendship, we decided to go on our first date. We ditched our bathing suits and sunglasses and opted to head to dinner and a movie in more casual attire. From that night on, we knew that we had a special connection. Fast forward to two months later and we decided to make our relationship exclusive.

how they asked: After months of planning, our families ventured off to Europe together for the vacation of a lifetime sailing the Mediterranean Sea through the Greek Isles. Our first stop was the picturesque and beautiful island Santorini, Greece. After tendering from our cruise ship to the shore, we boarded a bus en route to the village of Oia. Once we arrived in Oia, it was time to explore! We walked with our families down the narrow streets and alleyways to uncover gorgeous views overlooking the ocean.

After 45 minutes of family time, Kyle asked if we could explore on our own. I agreed and we began to walk in the opposite direction of our parents and siblings. We navigated down a quiet, narrow pathway to the picture-perfect Santorini postcard view. While taking in the view and admiring the blue domed churches in the background, Kyle turned to me and said: “Do you want to get married next summer?” I nodded my head “yes” and continued to listen. Marriage was something that we talked about frequently, as we had been dating for over three and a half years. As we sat down and continued to talk, Kyle told me the reasons he wanted to marry me and why we were perfect for each other. Then, as my eyes filled with tears, he reached inside of his backpack and pulled out a box. Opening it, he turned to me and asked: “Will you marry me?”, revealing a stunning, sparkling ring. I was so overcome with emotion that I just kept nodding my head “yes” and he placed the ring on my finger! Now, I wear it as a constant reminder of that day, our relationship, and our future together. 


After the proposal, we were so excited that we had to capture some Instagram-worthy shots to share with our friends and family! Not only did we have to show off the ring, but we also had to show off the incredible location.


I couldn’t stop smiling and staring at the ring after Kyle put it on my finger.

We wrapped the day up overlooking the village of Oia from a Greek winery where we toasted in celebration of our upcoming wedding!