Kate and Kyle

It was one of those weekend where everything went right, not a minute of “holiday weekend” traffic up to Santa Cruz, perfect summer weather.. and even short lines for our favorite rides. After a fun filled Saturday goofing off at the boardwalk, we woke up early Sunday morning to start a 14 mile hike through Wilder Ranch State Park. We trekked through gorgeously green grassy hills & a forest full of Redwoods, then made it to the bluffs overlooking the pacific. At this point we were exhausted, but full of endorphins and Kyle spotted a secluded peninsula just wide enough for us to sit and eat lunch on. With crashing waves on both sides of us, It was one of the most beautiful, relaxing settings I could imagine. As I turned my head for a moment to grab lunch from my backpack, Kyle put his hand on mine. Thinking nothing of it, I glanced down to see him holding a ring out to me. I instantly teared up (who wouldn’t?!) as he got down on one knee. He picked the perfect moment, the perfect setting, and I couldn’t have dreamt up a better proposal. And after all was said and done I looked over to him and said “wait, what did you say??” Nothing like romance mixed with a little humor.

Image 1 of Kate and Kyle