Kyle and Jordan

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How We Met

Jordan and I met while being on one of those wild dating apps! After meeting up for the first time, we really clicked and enjoyed each other’s company. A few days later I received a job in San Francisco. Instead of flying, I asked if I could drive. I asked Jordan if she was up for a road trip! There’s no other way to get to know someone better than cruising on an adventure together! It was risky for both of us, however, we are glad we did it! It was an amazing trip and the start of our relationship!

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How They Asked

After months of going down this rabbit hole of crazy proposal ideas, I was told by family members and friends who I consider family, to reel back and keep it meaningful and fun. I told Jordan we were going to a wrap party for The Mandalorian along the coast, then we would be going to northern California to play in the mountains. I had her pack snow gear and all, to really through her off!

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Meanwhile, I had both parents fly in from across the country, Jordan had no idea. Once we were “close to the party” we decided to go for a walk, as we were a bit early. Both our parents were hiding in some caves along the coast. Once I arrived at the planned out special spot, I proposed, and our parents came running out after she said “YES!” That was a start to a fun-filled mini family vacation!

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