Jessica and Kyle

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How We Met

Now there are two different versions on how Jessica and I met. The fake story and the actually story of how we met.

Im going to start with the fake story that we tell most people.

So I was picking up some groceries at Kroger. While in the fruit section, picking out bananas I see this beautiful lady just a few aisles down. I could tell there was something special about her, and I fell in love at first sight. Now just so you know, im terrible when it comes to women. But “You miss 100% of the shots you dont take” so I took a few moments to calm myself, cause at this point I was starting to sweat and my heart was beating fast. That short little walk over to her felt like an eternity. When I finally got over to her she looked up and smiled then went back to picking out fruits. I could have kicked myself because I didnt think of an opening line before I made the journey over. So I looked down and grabbed the first fruit that I saw and asked her what it was. She looked at me weird, then laughed and asked if I was being serious. Which I knew what a starfruit was but I told her I had no clue what it was. Then she told me it was a starfruit, and she jokingly asked if I knew what another fruit was (pointing at a watermelon) which made us both laugh and ended up breaking the ice.

Now what you all been waiting for!! The real story!!

Jessica and I actually met online on OkCupid.

And thats why we tell people the “fake story” its so much more exciting and interesting!!

how they asked

I spent about a year planning the perfect proposal for Jessica. I had so many ideas running through my head, but every little detail had to be perfect because its what she deserves and what I wanted to give to her. Shes very family oriented and would do anything for her friends and family so I wanted to incorporate everyone. So I decided to do an all day scavenger hunt with someone at each stop. We started dating on valentines day so I decided to propose to her on Febuary 14th, of 2016.

My sister and her oldest sister picked her up that morning for breakfast, cause I had to work (not really). In her front seat was the first clue that read “Go to the exact place we had our first date” which was Frisches.

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So they get to Frisches and after theyre done eating and are about to leave the waitress walks up and gives her clue #2. Which read “What is Shanes (my friend) favorite hobby?” (Shooting at the gun range)

Now when they get to the shooting range Shane explains to her she has to shoot 5 targets before she can recieve the next clue. It took her about an hour but she finally shot 5 and got her next clue. It read “Whats the fake story about how we met?” Which is the story about starfruit and kroger.

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So when they get to Kroger she goes inside straight to the fruit section and finds her youngest sister with the next clue. The next clue was a word puzzle. When finished it told her to go to my parents house in my dads garage.

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My dad was waiting for her when she arrived, he had an album full of pictures and her next clue. The clue directed her to look in the album to find out where she will go next. About 10 pages in was a picture of me and her holding up a picture that we both made for my mother on mothers day. There were about 15 arrow stickers pointing to it. So she went inside to that picture and looked behind it.

Her next clue said “Take this money to the mall and buy a nice outfit for tonights dinner then call your friend Samantha (who lives states away) for your next clue.

So after shes done shopping she calls Samantha, who tells her to go to the exact place Jessica and I had our first kiss. Which was at a restaurant near our house called “Redzone”.

When She arrived another one of my friends were waiting for her with the next clue. It was another puzzle she had to solve which directed her to the high school I attended.

Her brother was waiting there, and gave her the next clue. Which directed her to Dominos.

When she got to Dominos, my mom was there waiting on her. (My mom works here). Jessica had to put together an actual puzzle to find out her next destination. Which was her mothers house.

When she got to her moms house her mom was waiting at the kitchen table for her. She opened up the clue and Jessica had to answer 20 Questions about me before she got the very last clue.

She answered all 20 questions within a couple minutes and recieved an address she had to go to. Which was a beautiful park in Goshen.

It was 6:00 by the time she got there and it was getting dark. I had candles set up in mason jars along the path all the way up to the pond. As soon as she got out of the car I could hear her crying. When she got to me she gave me the biggest hug. After a few minutes I got down on my knee and asked her to marry me. She said YES!!!!!!!!!!!

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