Kyle and Jeffrey

Image 1 of Kyle and Jeffrey

How We Met

Jeffrey and I met at a medical school party. He approached me and was flirting with me only a while before he asked for my number. He handed me his phone, and when I typed in my cell phone number, my name popped up on the screen as though my number was already stored.

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Kind of creeped out, I asked him how he got my number and he looked just as puzzled as I did. Neither of us had any idea how it happened. Long story short, Jeffrey later asked me out on a date and we clicked instantly. We’re absolutely perfect for each other.

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Everything that I lack, he compensates for, and we mutually challenge each other to grow in different ways. We value the same things and can talk about anything together. He truly treats me like a princess and is empathetic towards me and understanding.

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I knew early on that he was the one for me. A few months into our relationship, conversation arose about a rooftop party that we had both attended at some point in the past and we suddenly realized that we had met once before. Somehow we had completely forgotten that we previously met, but were drawn to each other yet again. Sounds like fate to me.

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how they asked

Jeffrey had been promising me for months that he would take me to the beach. He’s in medical school and had been studying for his Boards exam for a long time, so the summer went by and we never got around to taking a vacation. He told me that we were going to take a weekend trip to Virginia Beach over Labor Day weekend to visit one of his best friends. We took an 11 hour road trip, and when we got there, Jeffrey’s brother and his girlfriend surprised us by coming down from Brooklyn and joining us for the weekend. At the time, a hurricane was sweeping the east coast and we definitely saw its effects. The first day was rainy, windy, and ugly, and we thought that we wouldn’t even get to go to the beach.

The next morning, it was sunny and 75. That evening, the group had decided we would go take a walk on the beach before we went to dinner. We walked out onto the beach right after the sun had set, which Jeffrey knows is my favorite time and place to be. There was a huge heart made of rose petals in the sand with candles all around and a smaller heart in the middle. Jeffrey took me up to it and told me he had a question to ask.

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He got down on one knee and was so adorably nervous I couldn’t help but smile from ear to ear.

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He told me that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me and wanted to make me his wife. Speechless, I nodded my head yes.

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