Kyle and James

How We Met

After college I headed west and found myself living in Denver, Colorado. James is a Denver native and we both had mutual friends who kept trying to get us together (not in an attempt to set us up to date- but more because he’s a good time and I’m a good time and our buddies thought that a lot of good times for the group would ensue when the two of us found ourselves in the same room- ha!)

Eventually that meet up did take place and it was, in fact, a very good time! James is an adventuresome, silly, and funny guy and I could never find anyone who could keep up with me and keep me on my toes. We (and our dogs) clicked from the get go and became pretty inseparable. With our mutual love of bike riding, day drinking, and exploring we quickly became best friends.

Image 1 of Kyle and James

Image 2 of Kyle and James

how they asked

We got engaged when James sneakily planned a surprise engagement over a trip to Chicago. My grandmother- one of my absolute favorite people in the world- and I were very close. Since her health had been deteriorating James knew that he wanted to make sure she could be a part of the engagement as it was unlikely she would make it to our wedding. With the help of my little brother, James proposed in a quiet courtyard near her home. From the shocked look on both of our faces, clearly neither one of us knew the proposal was coming! My grandma passed away a few months later, and having her there to celebrate in our love meant the world to me since it was one of our last really great days with her. Some girls want a Paris engagement- but I’ll take hanging with my grandma any day!

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