Kyle and Hayley

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How We Met

Kyle and I met in the fall at the University of Oklahoma as I was starting my senior year of undergrad and he was starting his first year of law school. Our first date was actually in the OU Law library! However, we were both hesitant to begin a serious relationship because I was dead set on applying to law school out of state.

As all of my out-of-state acceptance letters started rolling in over the next few months, I began to question my decision to leave Oklahoma, and Kyle encouraged me to apply to OU Law, where he was enrolled. I heeded his advice and entered OU Law the next year–and I am so glad I did! During the next three years of our relationship, we shared lunches, class notes, and study tips. I wouldn’t trade those memories and shared experiences for anything. Law school is incredibly challenging, and I can’t imagine going through it without him!

During the first year of our relationship, I got Kyle a prayer journal for his birthday. On the front of the leather cover, I had both of our initials hand stamped. Over the course of the next three years, we would write back and forth to each other documenting our prayers for one another and our relationship. I knew that this journal would be something incredibly special to us because it would chronicle our relationship! Apparently, Kyle felt the same way because it played a key role in his proposal.

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How They Asked

My birthday was on Monday, and Kyle told me he was going to take me out for a belated birthday dinner that following Saturday. When the day arrived, Kyle told me he was going to pick me up for dinner at 4pm, and I immediately became suspicious because our dinner reservations were not until 6pm. He came to my house and started driving downtown where our dinner reservations were. Ever so inquisitive, I kept asking him where we were going, but each time he would answer, “Don’t worry about it.”

Finally, we pulled up to a parking garage that faced the downtown skyline, and I was so confused. Kyle NEVER paid for parking unless it was absolutely necessary. We started making our way to the top of the empty garage where he parked the car. We got out and walked over to a gorgeous scene. Kyle had set up a rug, eucalyptus leaves, and tons of white candles surrounding a marble-topped table, our favorite book A Severe Mercy, a framed picture of us, and the journal we had been writing to each other for three years. Kyle’s best friend and photographer Michael was waiting for us with his camera in hand. (Afterwards, I found out that when Kyle staged the scene and left to pick me up, a huge gust of wind knocked a glass vase of roses off the table which shattered on impact. Michael had to do some quick thinking and threw the broken pieces of glass into his car!)

It was one of the coldest and windiest days of 2019, but I could barely feel anything as Kyle grabbed my hand and read the latest entry in our journal. Then, he dropped to one knee and pulled out the most gorgeous solitaire oval diamond. As soon as I said yes, Kyle had me check the box marked “Yes!” he had drawn in our journal. Our friend Michael was so confused and thought it was some kind of lawyer-marriage contract I was signing.

We left the proposal, and Kyle drove me straight to my best friend’s house where all of our family and friends were gathered for our surprise engagement party. Needless to say, it was the best day of my life!

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Special Thanks

Michael Weidemann
 | Photographer