Grace and Kyle


How We Met

Kyle & I met in high school!  We were in the same homeroom… Our first interaction was: Kyle texts Grace: “Hey do u have notre dame tickets?” … Grace texts Kyle: “Who is this?”  But, the rest is obviously history. :)  We went to junior prom together, where we started dating!


After another year of high school, 4 years of long distance at college (me @ Notre Dame, him @ University of Dayton), 2 years of “real life” later, we’re getting MARRIED!  We still feel like 17 year old goofballs and are SO excited to get married and live life together!  Here’s a gem of a picture from our first dance together…

how they asked

5/7/16 was truly the BEST. DAY. EVER.  Kyle & I both live in downtown Chicago, and he has always been a lifelong Cubs fan.


He slowly transitioned me into a huge fan as well, especially when he got off the waiting list for Cubs season tickets the year that we each moved to the city (from the ‘burbs).


It was serendipity – we finally lived in the same city after 4 years of long distance at college, the Cubs were finally starting to be a really good team, and it was the year he finally made it off of the season tix waiting list!

Besides everything else we love about living in Chicago, going to countless Cubbies games has given us forever memories.  This past season, Kyle’s season ticket rep reached out, as he knew Kyle was a tour guide at the University of Dayton — and offered an open Wrigley Field tour guide position to Kyle!  Outside of his actual finance job during the week, Kyle started giving tours of Wrigley Field on the weekends – truly his dream job.

We decided that we definitely had to get our families in for a tour of Wrigley (you can see where this is going…).  We texted them and played around with a few dates (little did I know, the date was set in stone way before I knew of anything), and our family came to Chi for a fun, beautiful Saturday morning at Wrigley with our handsome (if I do say so myself) tour guide, Kyle.


We were having a blast – Wrigley was empty & gorgeous, and I loved hearing Kyle’s tour guide rants (and made sure to heckle him throughout).  Little did I know, everyone there – our families, the other tour guides, the Wrigley Field staff – all knew what was about to happen!

Kyle gave about half of the tour (so smooth, you never would have guessed!) while his younger brother Andy held the ring in his pocket.  When we got to the on-field portion of the tour, we were taking pictures, taking it all in…. And the next thing I know, I turn around, and Kyle is getting on one knee, asking me to marry him!


It couldn’t have been more perfect – the most surreal moment of our entire lives.


My dad was snapping pictures and provided some invaluable snapshots of the day, and his brother luckily took a video!  Which, now that I think about it, I’m so glad they did — it is all a happy, giddy blur in my memory.


I just hugged Kyle for a few minutes, my knees buckling every few seconds, cry-laughing and never wanting it to end!  Apparently all I could say was “what is happening!?!?”  Luckily, I also said “yes” somewhere in there… :)



Besides a dream proposal at an empty Wrigley Field, Kyle also arranged to have almost all of our loved ones – friends, family, everyone – at his apartment when we went back there to “change for lunch” with our families.




My heart rate had just come down, and I walked into 50 of our favorite humans to celebrate even more.  Can we re-live that day over and over?!


And, as everyone knows, our Cubbies made it all the way this year, and Kyle & I made the trek to Game 7 in Cleveland to see it happen.


From getting engaged at Wrigley in May to watching them win the World Series in November, 2016 was truly our favorite year… Until 2017! :)


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