Kyle and Gina

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How We Met

Kyle and I met through mutual friends at a Halloween party. We had seen each other before, but didn’t officially meet until that night. After spending our Saturday getting to know each other and Kyle twirling me around as we danced at the bar, he texted me the following week to see me again. This would end up being our “first date.” We had a few drinks, grabbed a bite to eat and we haven’t be apart since!

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how they asked

I was convinced we’d get engaged in the summer, so when Kyle told me we had a dinner with some of his work colleagues Friday night, I didn’t think anything of it. Kyle suggested we go to a bar we had visited when we first started dating for a pre-dinner drink. We sat in the same seats as our previous visit and during drinks he made a point to reminisce, saying that our conversation that night confirmed to him that he was in love with me and that I was the one. I thought that was so sweet of him to say, but still didn’t suspect a thing! As we went to walk to dinner, we had to cross Broad Street.

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He stopped in the middle, asking if I wanted to take a photo of City Hall (this is my favorite view of Philly). As I took a photo or two, we continued to walk up the center of Broad Street and before we crossed, he said to me, “Do you realize what’s happening?” At that moment my heart began to race.

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He took my hands and got down on one knee! Cars honked and people shouted congratulations as I said yes. Even in one of the most public (and busy) streets in the city, it felt like it was just us two there together, sharing such an amazing moment. It was the biggest and best surprise!

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Afterwards he told me that he had been planning this for months. He even had a dry-run with the photographer to make sure everything was just right. He planned for our families to come into the city for lunch on Saturday and then surprised me even more by inviting all of our friends over to celebrate that evening.

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He had even booked me a nail appointment Saturday morning! He thought of everything! It was the most amazing weekend.

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Special Thanks

Mike Landis
 | Photographer