Kyle and Erica

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How We Met

We met on December 14 2014, so almost exactly a year ago. We were both on the dating website Plenty of Fish, and looked at each others profiles, but he never sent me a message. (it is pretty standard for guys to talk to the girls on these websites). I kept looking at my phone to see if he had messaged me after I saw that he looked at my profile, but no message ever came. Finally after a few days of hoping he would talk to me I decided I was going to have to take matters into my own hands! I had never sent a guy a message first so I had no idea what to say, but I just told him that I think we would get along really well since our careers are in similar fields. (I am a pilot and he is a aircraft mechanic) , and it would be cool if we met. We started talking, and we met about a week later for coffee at a place called Mad House Coffee. After our first date we went on 2 more casual dates, one for ice cream and one to look at Christmas lights, and then Christmas was right around the corner. I was going down to Southern California for 4 days at Christmas time, and because Kyle’s family lives in NY he was not going to be doing anything. After some careful consideration and consulting with my friends, even though everyone told me it would be weird, I decided to invite him on my trip. This was pretty risky because I took the chance of him thinking I was absolutely nuts, but to my surprise, he took me up on my offer, and our 4th date ended up being a trip down to CA to spend Christmas with my entire family! And it was the best risky decision I ever made because that was when we fell in love.

how they asked

We went down to southern California for Christmas, and ad some things planned while we were in the area. One of the things was going to breakfast at my parents favorite little restaurant in Laguna Beach. Laguna Beach is where we fell in love last year around this same exact time, and it is also the first place we ever walked on the beach together, which is one of my favorite things to do.

We went to the restaurant for breakfast the morning of Dec. 23rd, and then after an delicious meal, Kyle suggested we take a walk on the beach, so we went down the private staircase from the restaurant down to the sand and began our walk. We walked and laughed, and talked about how much has happened in the last year since we were last here. And then we came across a line of signs, and Kyle suggested we go take a look at what they said. As we got closer I could tell he was up to something! We read the first sign which read, “Kyle and Erica’s love story” then we continued to the next signs, there were 9 in total, and they each had something about our last year together, and we got to sign number 9 which read, “I just have one question for you that will change our lives forever” and then he got down on one knee and pulled out the most beautiful and absolutely perfect ring, and asked me to marry him! The best part was, as soon as I said yes, my sister jumps up from hiding behind a big concrete trash can and snaps about a million pictures. She also had a backpack loaded with champagne, and props for a full photo shoot! It was perfect!

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