Kyle and Emily

Kyle's Proposal in Stehekin, WA

How We Met

Our love story all began in junior high, but let’s back it up even further to when we actually met. Kyle and I met in the church nursery when we were babies. We then went on to Pre-School together and all the way through 12th grade at a small Christian school. The last day of 7th grade comes around and Kyle comes up to me (I was about 6 inches taller than him at the time) and asks me for my number!! I shyly gave him my number and then he called me the next day! We then began to text and talk together at school. I started to begin to really like this boy. Kyle and I became best friends!! We did everything together. Then we started to really like each other, but we couldn’t date until we were 16. The week after Kyle turned 16 he asked me out! He surprised me with our first date in Lake Geneva, WI. I fell more and more in love with Kyle everyday! He went from my best friend to the love of my life!

how they asked

My aunt, uncle, and cousins live in Seattle, WA. Kyle and I both fell in love with Washington and decided that one day we will live there :) Last year we went to Stehekin, WA for Thanksgiving with them. We both fell in love with the quaint beautiful place that it is. This year my whole family decided that they wanted to all go to Washington for Thanksgiving. My grandparents, parents, brother, and I all flew out to WA for Thanksgiving break. Kyle is currently living in South Carolina for school and his parents “decided” to go to South Carolina for Thanksgiving this year to visit him. (Little did I know, this was not true haha).

Stehekin is also quite a trip from Seattle, WA where my family lives and the airport. We drove 3 hours to Chelan and then took a 3 hour ferry ride (there is only 1 ferry a day) to Stehekin (which is only accessible by boat). During this time Kyle rented his own boat for his family to take all the way to Stehekin!

We arrive in Stehekin and my uncle (photographer) decides to take my dad and I down to the pier again for a picture. I walk onto the pier and right before my eyes is Kyle standing at the end of the pier!! I start saying “what are you doing here?!”. I thought I was in a dream. I did not think he was going to propose for another couple months. He brings me to the end of the pier and gets down on one knee and the rest is history! I was then surprised to see his family fly in from several different states for our proposal. We then got to spend Thanksgiving all together as one big happy family.

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