Kyle and Elizabeth

Image 1 of Kyle and ElizabethHow we met: It was the first day of sophomore year of high school. Kyle had just moved to Colorado Springs and was already playing soccer for our school. We had third period English class together everyday. I walked in with a few of my friends and knew everyone in the class–except for the guy wearing glasses, sitting in the corner with a friend of mine. I walked over to talk to my friend and, being my overly-friendly self, immediately introduced myself. To this day, Kyle will not admit this interaction ever occurred. I swear it happened.

Sophomore year continued and we spoke maybe a dozen words to each other the entire year. Kyle remained extremely quiet; I was eager for the days we presented speeches in class just to hear this kid talk. Turns out the one day I was absent was his turn to present. Talk about a letdown!

Junior year rolls around and I am frequently hearing Kyle’s name come up in conversation with friends. He became good friends with my twin brother so we would run into each other at his soccer games, after school, and school events. Soon enough, the cliche 16-year old fairytale was unfolding.

We experienced the joy of homecoming and proms, graduation, and weekly date nights. I didn’t know back then just how luxurious seeing each other everyday was. After graduation, we were faced with the decision of a long-distance relationship. I attended school in Colorado and Kyle was moving to Texas on a full-ride scholarship. We decided to give it our all and see where The Lord led our relationship. The best hellos, the hardest goodbyes, and quick weekend trips became our norm for three (on our fourth!) years. We found ourselves growing as individuals, but as we did that we only grew closer together. And that was when we knew.

how they asked: Kyle flew to Colorado after Christmas to spend a few weeks with me before our last semester of college. We knew this was going to be the last goodbye of this chapter, but we probably had a few more before we could finally be together…or so I thought!

Image 2 of Kyle and ElizabethWe celebrated five years together in December. That week, we had been talking much about our “timeline.” Kyle had always told me he would never give me too much information because he wanted it to be a complete surprise. This did not work well for me as I am the biggest planner and Type-A personality on the planet. Due to Kyle commissioning as an Army Officer upon graduation, we knew we would not actually be together until we were married. Each year apart got harder and harder. I just wanted answers as to when it would be over! The day after our anniversary (which also happens to be his birthday), we had a long conversation that ended with Kyle convincing me a proposal wouldn’t happen until this summer. Little did I know he was sitting in the kitchen at my parents’ house after coming home from purchasing the ring. He drove from Texas to Colorado to ask my family’s permission, buy the ring with my mom, go skiing, and drive back–all without me having a clue.

Kyle was scheduled to leave on Sunday so we made plans to celebrate our five-year anniversary before he left. We have never really been able to celebrate an anniversary due to us being in different states, so he was determined to make five a big one. He had been tossing around dinner places all week and I was pessimistically refusing them due to price and us not being “fancy” people. Finally, he insisted we go to The Summit at The Broadmoor. I had been wanting to see the Christmas lights at The Broadmoor for forever but I just knew they would have been taken down at that point. Much to my excitement, we drove up to lit-up trees and truly magical scenery.

After dinner, we walked around the lake and took in the lights and landscape. As we were leaving, Kyle stopped me at a large weeping willow tree, covered in white lights. He started saying the sweetest things which I barely remember hearing–so naturally, I made him repeat them to me. I immediately started crying because I was so caught off guard. I hardly remember looking at the ring or saying “yes,” I just remember jumping up and down anxiously! My parents came out of the bushes around us to capture the rest of the moment and celebrate with us. I am so thrilled to FINALLY be engaged to my very best friend and start the forever we’ve been talking about for years.

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