Dana and Kyle

Engagement Proposal Ideas in One King West Hotel - Toronto, ON

How We Met

I messaged him on Instagram (I know crazy, a girl messaging a guy) asking him about his Vlogs that he makes. I honestly didn’t think the conversation was going to go anywhere because I thought he had a girlfriend. Once he answered my questions I stopped replying. A few weeks later he told me he was going to be in Philly, could he take me on a date. I took him up on the offer and the rest is history!

How They Asked

I had flown straight from a cruise with my family to Toronto to see Kyle. My nails were lime green and I had braids in my hair. The night before he physically took the braids out of my hair, thank god. Kyle said he made me a nail appointment at the Four Season Spa in downtown Toronto as a Christmas present with his best friend from Michigan’s girlfriend because they were in town.

After we were done he said to have a girls day and go shop. After hours of shopping, we were so done but I had yet to hear from Kyle. Finally, Kyle calls and says we’re going to stay downtown for the night, meet him at the One King West Hotel, he left me a key at the front desk.

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I get up to the room and there’s a note on the door that says to take the phone on the table and press play. He decorated the suite with candles and rustic decorations. He made this awesome video talking about us and at the end, it said grab the blindfold. Put it on. And when he counts to three take it off and look to my left. When I took the blindfold off he was down on one knee.

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The surprises kept coming. So we then walked to this Airbnb where all of our siblings were and close friends!

While I was having a girls day he was coordinating picking up my sister, his sister, my best friend from home and more to celebrate the best day of my life later that night.

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