Caitlin and Kyle

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how we met

Kyle and I have known about each other for around seven years now. However we didn’t have our first conversation until nearly four years ago. Crazy right? We both spent our college days at Troy University, where Kyle played football and my claim to fame is being Miss Troy University. As fate would have it, although we went to school together for three years, we wouldn’t officially meet until Kyle had graduated and I was a few months shy of my last day on campus. While out with friends, Kyle came up and introduced himself and pulled out the ultimate pick up line telling me I was gorgeous and wanted to take me to supper. I mean, swoon. About a month later we went on our first date (where he completely melted me by driving three hours to make this happen). Three and a half years later, and here we are.

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how they asked

Perfect. I’m not one to typically believe in perfection and fairytales, but our proposal was p e r f e c t. The week leading up the proposal, I had to work out of town and would be spending the weekend back home in Tuscaloosa. If you know me, you know how much I love seeing my friends so I decided to spend Friday night with my best girl, Amanda, in Birmingham on my way home. Little did I know, Kyle and Amanda (along with our parents and a couple of other friends) had been planning the ultimate surprise for me. As I planned to go to Birmingham, they planned the most wonderful proposal.

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Long story short, Amanda convinced me we were attending a vendor event at The Club. We arrive and walk inside and as I turn to go outside the most handsome man leaves me stunned as he is standing to walk me out to the breathtaking view of the city of Birmingham and asks me to spend forever with him.

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